Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby. Sitter.

Big Update! Little Miss Audrey has learned to sit up all by herself! She started this a little over two weeks ago when I decided to put her in the sitting position on the floor and let go....and she stayed sitting! I was so excited that I spent the whole weekend snapping pictures on my phone and texting them out. I was waiting for this for so long because Audrey is such a curious girl and gets bored easily. Now that she can sit up, she really seems to be able to entertain herself for a little longer and enjoy the different views. I have taken sooo many videos, but not as many pictures. Here is a video of Audrey enjoying a "sitting" toy at our friends' house:

Antonio, Gianna, and Audrey
We went to Paul and Angela's house for the Superbowl. They have two older boys (3 and 5) and one baby girl that is 10 months old. It was fun to watch the babies play together, which really only means they were staring at each other. Audrey enjoyed playing with Gianna's toys, and it was great for me to see what kinds of things she is into that we don't have yet. Here are some more pics...

Lorenzo and Audrey
Audrey and Gianna

Playing with a book

Going for a walk
We are just about all moved in to the new house. Cheryle and Dad came over yesterday to help us unpack and move some final things over from the old place, and that really helped us get motivated. Today we are working on unpacking some more and getting homes for all of the stuff we have! Audrey and I went to Smalltalkers today for some fun open play, and it was great to have some new toys to test out. Audrey liked being able to sit up and play, and I enjoyed talking with some other parents.

In other news, Audrey is teething like crazy! She gnaws on anything - her fingers, toys, my hands, shoulders, blankets, anything! I don't see any teeth pushing through yet, but I guess they are on their way out.

Lots of videos!!!

Sorry to keep it short but I have to get some unpacking done before the Queen wakes up. Love you!!!