Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Six Months

Well, he's moving right along. I can't believe Joshua is already 6 months old...7 months next week! It feels like these six months have gone by so much faster than they did with Audrey. I like it because he is at the point where he can sit and play with us, laugh, talk, etc. He's out of the newborn stage, we have a good routine, and we're all enjoying ourselves. Can't ask for more than that!
At his check the day after his 6 month birthday, he weighed 20 lbs 1oz and was 27.6 inches tall. His carseat goes up to 22lbs and 29 inches, so he'll be moving into the big convertible seat here pretty soon. He's sitting up really well now and he's way too heavy for me to be carrying him around in that seat all the time, so I'm READY for it to be gone. We have an extra car seat that is in Josh's car that JJ will now use in my car, so the question is whether or not we should buy two more car seats for Josh's car or just move them back and forth whenever we need to. That would be a pain in the butt...but car seats aren't cheap. We'll see.

We started giving Joshua solid foods (purees) a few weeks ago because he is very interested in food. But he won't take the purees. I waited a few more weeks and I've been trying and trying but he literally gags at the sight of the spoon. What to do?! I've started giving him cracker and puffs and toast so he can feed himself and he likes that better. Maybe we will just skip baby food altogether because he is not into it and I don't feel like wasting a bowl of food twice a day. 

We have started packing up the big baby things recently, really since he started sitting up a few weeks ago. The bouncer and the swing are both put away, the bumbo is gone (he never actually used it, was too chunky), the play mat is packed up, the pack and play....really all that's left is the high chair and the exersaucer. We ordered a space saver high chair today and I plan to take the big full size one over to the consignment shop this week. I have to be honest and say I am very happy to see these things go. They are so big and clunky and in the way.

As of today, he is scooting. He went 5 feet across the floor by doing the army crawl where he pulls himself with his arms, plus the occasional push from his feet. I suspect real crawling isn't far off. The thing he wanted to get to? The ipad. Of course. I guess the bright colors are really tempting. time to babyproof the house...again!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Friend

Sitting with Audrey the other day, I told her "You're my best friend". To which she replied, "No. Chloe my best friend". Ouch! And so it begins. She already wants her friends over her mama!?
Chloe is the daughter of my friend, Natania. She's Audrey's age (2 months older) and they've been playing together for a few months now (maybe a year?). Up until recently, they didn't actually play together, though. They would just play on their own but not really interact with one another. Now that they're a little older and especially since they both are talking so much, they finally have started playing more like friends do. I babysat Chloe for a few hours one day and they had a blast. The funniest thing was listening to them trying to take turns and share. The day went like this:
"Its my turn!" "No its MY turn" "No ITS MY TURN NOW!" "No Audrey now its MY TURN!" back and forth over and over again....until...
"I broke that" "No I BROKE THAT!" "No Chloe I BROKE THAT!" It wasn't even broken (totally fixable) but they both wanted to take full credit for whoever broke it....
...silence...followed by..."Awwwww. Uh oh. That's bad". I came around the corner and found Audrey writing on the bathroom since with a dry erase marker while Chloe stood outside the bathroom with a very serious look on her face.
But although they argued, as soon as Chloe left Audrey was asking about her and wanted to play with her again. Its so funny to watch and listen to Audrey as she plays with others..what she says to them and how she follows their lead or takes the lead herself. I am so excited for her to start school this fall (with Chloe!) and see how she blossoms in a fun, social environment!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Two nights ago, we were all in Audrey's room getting ready for bed and Josh told Audrey we would continue reading the next chapter of "James and the Giant Peach". She didn't want to read that though, she wanted to read "Peter Pan", even though we've already read the whole book twice. So Josh told her she could read Peter Pan if she wanted, and he'd read James and the Giant Peach. When he started reading, she held up her book and said, "blah blah gooblah blah blah blah". When he stopped reading, she stopped. When he started up again, she started reading again. This went on for a while and then he stopped reading entirely and she kept on until finally she closed the book and declared, "THE END". It was such a funny and new thing.
She has memorized a few of her favorite books, too. One night, after reading "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" twice, Audrey asked me to read it again and I told her she should try to read it on her own. So she turned to the first page and said the words. Flipped to page two, recited the story...and on for about 6 pages into the book! I was so surprised! She's also memorized "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and a couple others. I love hearing her "read" and I can't wait until she really sees the words and knows what they mean. I guess all this reading we do has been good for her after all! I hope we can instill the same love of books in JJ that Audrey already has.