Thursday, June 16, 2011


If you haven't heard...we're engaged! That's right, 8 years ago today Joshua asked me on our first date, and today he asked me to be his wife. How perfect! We've always considered June to be our anniversary month, but never actually went and looked up the actual day of the first time we hung out. A couple hours after he proposed (I'll get to that in a minute!) I went and looked up a calendar from way back in 2003 to see what day it was that our first date was, and sure enough, it was on Tuesday, June 17! That makes the 16th the date he asked me. I think it worked out pretty well considering he didn't even plan it that way. Maybe for the story's sake we'll agree that he did in fact plan that.

This morning was like any other morning. I got up and showered and dressed and then woke up the Muffin. It was uneventful and we were playing and talking in the bedroom. After about 10 minutes or so, Josh came upstairs and said good morning to Audrey and I thought nothing of it. He always does that! Apparently he had set the ring on the rim of her diaper where I'd see it, but I didn't see it and it had been flung off to the side without me ever noticing. I went in the other room to sew up some elastic in Audrey's shorts and when I came back I noticed something in her mouth. I said, "What the hell is she eating?" and when Josh didn't reach and take it from her I huffed and came over and pulled it out of her mouth and there it was! A Ring! THE RING! The one we picked out together months ago! I was shocked and I just stared at it and I think I said some OH MY GOD's and probably some WHAT's and I also remember some WOW's. I cannot remember at all what Josh said to me when he actually asked, I don't think I was listening! I was caught so off guard! I spent the rest of the morning basically walking around the house in circles trying to finish getting ready for work. It never crossed my mind to call in a vacation day at work and stay home and celebrate with my honey until I was actually AT work. Doh! How silly! We are both taking a day off tomorrow and will be sending Muffin to daycare while we enjoy a quiet day to ourselves. It took a few hours for it to really sink in. I feel so silly that I was just going about my day, but I was still so surprised!

The Ring: We went and picked this out a few weeks ago, so I kind of knew to expect a proposal at some point, but I didn't know when. He's been sitting on this thing for a month now! It is beautiful, delicate, perfect. I love it. I love him. My fiancé.

He proposed to me at 6:30am. My hair was still wet from the shower, I wasn't wearing any makeup, I had a dirty diaper next to me, and I hadn't brushed my teeth. That's true LOVE, people. 


  1. Congratulations honey. I love you both!

  2. This is so exciting!! I know you have oodles of people wanting to help, but if you need any... love you!!!

  3. i couldn't be happier for you all! this is an exciting time for you, so make sure you enjoy it :) love you all so much!!! xo

  4. btw, the ring is beautiful! it's just perfect!!!!