Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I got this little push walker for Audrey a while back. It folds down for her to ride on, and then flips up to push. She wasn't interested in it other than for the toys on it until recently. I have been showing her how to use it, but I think she was still too unsteady on her feet to push it anywhere. Over the weekend, she got up the strength and confidence and pulled up on her walker and started walking! When we saw this, Josh and I both started clapping and yelling and encouraging her to keep moving. She loved that! When she realized how much we were rooting for her, she got this huge smile on her face and just went for it. She fell down a few steps later, but the look on her face when she knew we were right there with her was awesome. Moments like this make me so happy to be her mama.

The video isn't the very first time she did it, but cute still. :)


  1. Yay for Audrey! Can't wait until Landon does it too!

  2. watch out world, ms audrey is on the move :)