Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finger Painting

I found a recipe online for homemade finger paint the other day. The appeal is that it is non-toxic and completely edible - an important thing considering Audrey still puts her hands as well as everything else into her mouth.

I picked up some little jars and an old tablecloth from the thrift shop to store the paint and to catch the mess. The paint was pretty easy to make and only took about 15 minutes. Mine turned out a little runnier than I had hoped, I wanted more of a paste.

Once it was all set, we went out front and got the camera ready for the exciting moment that I was sooo looking forward to! And guess what? Audrey was NOT INTERESTED. At all. Of course. Because any time I want something, she decides to be stubborn and do what she wants! Breech, remember? Stubborn.

I pouted and packed everything up and stomped back inside where I continued to feel disappointed that I didn't get to do my art project with my baby. Instead of giving up, I set up the paints in the kitchen and we tried for Round 2. Unsuccessful once again. She was mostly interested in watching Josie eat, watching TV, looking out the window, knocking over the paint bowls, or a number of other things not involving painting a pretty picture with her hands.

I did get a few cute pictures of her, but overall, it was a bust. I have to remind myself to be patient, she's only 8 months old and we have many years to enjoy art activities together. Patience...patience.

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  1. denie & i were just talking about how expectations for sloan can be a little too high sometimes. she is so grown up with somethings that it's hard to remember she is still so young. i bet before too long audrey will want to do this all the time!