Monday, May 21, 2012

Easter? Spring?

Where to start?? I've basically missed out on the first half of 2012 in terms of blogging. What can I say? We've been busy. Busy and tired. Very tired. We'll get to that later.

Since its impossible to write everything that has been happening these past couple of months, I'm just going to update with significant things. Easter was fun this year! Audrey actually enjoyed her Easter egg hunt. I'm still too chicken to give her hard candy, so inside her easter eggs were Oreo cookies. She'd never had them before so she was very excited when she found one and I showed her what was inside. She needed a lot of help staying focused on finding eggs because all she wanted to do was sit down and eat the cookies. Like last year, her Easter basket wasn't extravagant or filled to the brim, just a few small things I thought she'd enjoy. There was a pair of jelly sandals, a few books, a cookie monster stuffed animal, a new set of forks, a fruit squeeze snack, and some toddler sized gardening tools. Those were the biggest hit of it all!

After we did the Easter thing at home, we packed up and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for more celebrations and of course FOOD! The food was very special for us since it was our first time eating meat in 40 days (I wanted to do a post on being vegetarian....maybe I still will?). We really enjoyed that meal. :) The kids spent some time hunting out in the yard for more eggs and candy, and this time Audrey's eggs were filled with goldfish snacks. She loved it! She even got a new Cookie Monster bath toy from her great grandparents! She also got a package from her Aunt Maile in California and inside were all kinds of fun things. Play doh, a new dress, snacks, and bubbles! Audrey sure does have a lot of people who love her.

We've been enjoying our Spring weather a lot. I bought a water table a while back and it is a favorite toy now, and then Audrey's grandma Maria bought her an inflatable pool so together these two can entertain for hours. We're expecting rain all this week, but I know Audrey will love having her little pool with her at the beach next week!

My mom came for a quick visit a few weeks ago and got in her snuggles with Audrey. We didn't get out much, but we did have fun at home! We made s'mores one night and enjoyed that "first" with Audrey.

Maria (Josh's mom) moved up to New Jersey a couple of months ago for a new job. We visited last weekend and went to a small amusement park with rides and food and all that fun stuff. Audrey really loved riding in the cars and on the train that drove through the park, but the carousel seemed to make her sick. Or maybe it was going too fast, but she didn't look like she was having fun. We also went to a park last week with Joy, Ian, Gloria, and Pete, and Audrey really enjoyed the carousel this time. She was dancing and laughing the whole time! Then we went on a train ride around the park and she kept saying, "too too" for choo choo. So cute. She had so much fun following Ian around and doing anything he did. There was even a sandbox at the park, but Audrey HATED it. This is the second time she's touched sand, and both times she wasn't happy. She even got upset when she saw Ian playing in it. I'm not sure how she will like the beach...

So this is where I usually write, "I promise I'm going to blog more" but this time I'm just not going to say it. Maybe I'll blog again this week. I hope to. but no promises.