Friday, July 15, 2011

Follow Up on Cloth Diapers (Poo Post)

Total Investment: $288.02

My Stash Includes:

10 Kawaii Pocket Diapers
2 Just Simply Baby Diapers
1 Blueberry Diaper
1 BumGenius 3.0 All in One Diaper
1 BumGenius Elemental Diaper
1 Large wetbag for dirties
1 Small Wetbag for dirties on the go
diaper sprayer
1 Bag of diaper friendly detergent
4 Hemp inserts for overnight

I have a total of 15 diapers which is more than I need for part time cloth diapering. If I were doing it full time, I'd be washing the diapers every day and a half to two days. I had to purchase hemp inserts for her overnight diapers because Audrey is such a heavy wetter and the hemp is the most absorbent fabric around. I have three expensive diapers - the Blueberry brand and the BumGenius brand. I got the Blueberry one on for half off original price, the BG 3.0 was a "flawed" diaper that I got for $10 (can't find the flaw), and the BG Elemental I got second hand at a great discount. It doesn't even look like it has been used before, and this is by far my favorite diaper! If I come across more on sale, I might snatch them up and sell of some of the Kawaii diapers that I don't like as much. The small wet bag came as part of a package deal. The diaper sprayer was expensive and I'm not sure I even like it, but I just received it last week so maybe it just takes some getting used to. The wash and dry cycle takes about 3 hours total, and of course Audrey loves it because the washer is running for 2 hours so she can peek in and watch them wash.

I am debating purchasing a set of cloth wipes or just making my own. They run about $12 per dozen, and I'd need probably 2 dozen. For comparison, the Pampers wipes I currently use are $17.50 and they last me a little less than 3 months. I could sew some wipes pretty easily for a few bucks, and I know I should, but I'm having a hard time finding a fabric that I think is soft enough.

In the mornings we put a disposable on her since she's headed to day care, and it amazes me how the diaper just can't....keep everything in. I'd say 2 out of 5 days we have to change her outfit before we leave the house because her disposable diaper has leaked onto her clothes. Now I've become smart(er) and have put a cloth diaper on her first thing, and then change her into a disposable right before we leave the house. Much cleaner this way.

So there you have it. All the poo notes in all their glory. I enjoy cloth diapers and look forward to doing it from birth with the next one!


  1. for your wipes you could use old t shirts and just cut them to size -wouldn't have to sew. or maybe use wash cloths. I had a lot of wash cloths I bought for changing Leo to catch the spray when he was tiny. he's really good about not peeing every time we change him now, so I don't use them anymore and set them aside to use for cloth wipes. they're from Wal-Mart and were like a dollar for 6. the solid colored ones are okay on the soft side. I'm not sure how soft you're trying to go, but that'd be an inexpensive way to go.

  2. Thanks for the t-shirt idea, I am definitely going to try that. I bought these stupid ugly t's from old navy that I hate, so they're perfect for it. The washcloths we currently have aren't soft enough, I think I like fleece, but I'm not sure that would be absorbent enough. I am going to try the t shirts first though. Thanks!

  3. You could try jersey for the wipes too. Bed Bath and Beyond sells sheets every year around this time for college. You could probably purchase a twin size flat jersey sheet for $10 or so and chop it.

  4. oh yeah, Jersey is super soft! I think it might soak through when I wipe though. Don't want poo on my hands. I could surely sew it to something more absorbent and use the jersey as the wipey side...good idea! Now that I think of it the T-shirt might have the same problem...