Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

Oh, how we love long weekends! I think every weekend should be a three day weekend. Two days just isn't enough.

We started the weekend out by meeting up with one of our favorite families, the Hales. They were in town for the day on Saturday, so we went to Alexandria where they were staying and spent the day visiting and catching up. Their little girl, Sloan, is one year older than Audrey (also a September baby!) and it was really fun for Josh and I to see what to expect a year from now. Sloan is so sweet and the girls played well together. I will say this, however: Neither of those girls sat still for longer than a minute or two! Luckily the apartment was not huge, and surprisingly it was pretty baby proof and there wasn't too much for them to get into.
Matching runny noses

so sweet!

Door Stopper Fun!

The day was so wonderful, but unfortunately it just made us miss the Hales even more! We are going to make a trip down to Hampton soon to hit the beach with them.

On Sunday, we had a small get together at our home with some friends. Lauren and Mike came over, Mike's sister Katie and her husband, Chris, came with their 2 year old, Kayla, and our friends Jourdan and Beau stopped by with little 6 month old Ryley. When Ryley got there, Audrey perked right up and was so excited. She wanted to play and was grabbing at Ryley, and scared the poor girl! That's my little social butterfly.
So pretty!

Audrey and aunt Laurie

Miss kayla 

Later that afternoon we went over to the home of one of Josh's co-workers to watch fireworks. They buy the good fireworks - the illegal ones - and set them off in their backyard every year. I thought I'd be fine, but within only a few minutes of them starting, I was terrified and was headed with Audrey back to the car where we fell asleep until the fireworks were over. I can't help it! I'm scared, but so much can go wrong and I'm a mama, I have a right to be scared! No pictures since I was a scaredy cat, but here is sweet muffin:

Mom, I'm standing, yeah!

We took it easy on Monday because Josh was working and we were just mostly tired. We made a trip to the fabric store (fun!!) and then hung out at dad's for a while and did some swimming. By the end of this three day weekend, we were all tuckered out and ready for another 3 day weekend!
Just standing around

american flag, ohhhh pretty

Audrey and tia Cristina

Have I mentioned she's standing?

Pool time!

So much fun!!!

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