Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Steps

Our little muffin took her first baby steps on Friday! When I got to daycare, I was so excited to see they were having a concert on the deck with a one-man-band! He was playing all the childhood classic songs, and the kids were having so much fun. They had to put Audrey in a bumbo seat to contain her because she was trying to dance with the big kids but would have gotten trampled. I hung out with her for a few minutes dancing and singing to the music and chatting with her teacher. The teacher informed me that she took a step that day, and while I was there she even did it a few more times! I am so happy for Audrey, but I am bummed that I wasn't there for it. Damn mommy guilt. When I told Josh this news, he said she actually took a step the night before but he didn't want to say anything because I didn't see it. So sweet. If only Ms.Teacher could have done the same! Anyways, Friday night she ended up taking 4 consecutive steps at once, and then a few times took one or two steps. She seems better with her left leg than her right and she keeps taking multiple left foot steps which leaves her "walking" in a circle. Funny. Its hard to get a good video because she can't decide if she wants to walk or not and I now have a bunch of videos of her standing and then plopping to the floor and crawling away. Here is the best I could get for now. Enjoy! I can't believe our little girl is getting so big!


  1. she's gonna LOVE chasing that dog! how cute :) think she's gonna be lefty?

  2. She might be a lefty! She shows preference for her left hand and has for a while, but I've been told that's normal. We'll see!

  3. I have given "strict" instructions to Landon's daycare teachers not to tell me if he has any "milestone moments" at daycare. I told them that for MY sake, we were going to pretend they ALL happen at home :). They have complied wonderfully so far! They don't talk about what he is doing as far as milestones unless I have mentioned that he has done it at home. I *know* he most likely has done several of them at daycare first...but, "what mommy doesn't know won't hurt her..." right?