Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help, please.

I'm hoping to creating a video for Audrey's first birthday. Maybe we'll have it playing quietly on the TV during her birthday party or something, but mostly I want it for her and for us. I want it to have music, I want to use photos from her first year, and - here's the hard part - I want to include snippets from videos we have from her first year. Does anyone know how the heck I can do this? I know it would probably be easy as pie if I had a Mac (ugh!) but I don't. I have a PC. And I downloaded Picasa.

I know many of you are very resourceful and smart and some are even computer literate so please help me out if you can! I literally have NO IDEA how to even start. None of my videos have ever been edited because I am baffled by the idea of it.

Check out this video (scroll down) to see what I mean.

Thanks ya'll!



  1. it's really so much easier than you think. I did a photo slide show with Windows Movie Maker for Mother's Day. you might have this program on your computer and not know it(I did!) or you can Google it and download it for free. it's as easy as selecting files to use and dropping them in place. you can shorten video clips and music if you don't want the whole thing in there, you tell it how long you want the photos to be up on the screen for and in what order, you can make it fade in and out, it'll do different transitions of pictures, it might even do captions. and if you burn it to a DVD you can customize the menu that pops up when you pop the DVD in(like the menu screens that come up on movies where ya click 'play') - you'll be surprised how easy it is once ya get in there and start playing around :)

  2. I didn't know Window's even had a movie maker. I'll check it out for sure. I found some FAQ's for Picasa that outlines how to do it, I just hope its as easy as the instructions say it is. :) Sarah - I will definitely ask Alan if I can't figure it out quickly! Thanks yall!

  3. Well, aren't you going to be glad I'm finally "back".

    I'll do it. I have two programs I use. Call, email or txt. I'll need most of your stuff on a CD to get started.