Tuesday, July 3, 2012

17 Weeks

17 weeks this past Thursday, and yet I look as big as I did when I was 26 weeks pregnant with Audrey. Eek. Here are two photos side by side (take at 16 weeks). In one, I am standing up straight and maybe sucking in a little. In the other, I am standing how I normally stand - lazy, slouched, tummy pushed as far out as it goes. This is what I look like on a normal day.

Although I looks to be pretty far along, I actually am only now beginning to be able to feel my uterus move up and make my belly firm. I like that. :) I was laying in bed this morning and could feel it pushing up under my belly button. I haven't felt the baby move yet, but I think it will be any day now. The first flutter I felt with Audrey was at 17 weeks. Here is a pic of little baby bird at 16 weeks. It is not a great picture because the placenta was blocking her face, but here is a healthy looking spine!

I feel really good for the most part. My energy is back and Audrey and I have been busy bees finding fun stuff to do every day. Maria bought us a pool for the yard so we are enjoying that. On Friday, we went to the public pool for a the day and had so much fun!! Audrey loved being around all the other kids and sliding down the slide. It was great.
We've also made some trips to Fairfax Corner to play in the fountain there. Anything involving water is fine with Audrey! With this heat wave we've been having, we are either in water or in the house! Its too hot to go to the playground really, or do much of anything outside that doesn't involve sitting in cool water. Today I think we will make a short trip over to the fountain in Fairfax to wear the little girl out before nap time!