Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gas Pains!

Ohhh the pain…ohh the pain. This weekend started up what I hope is a short bout with gas. It first started Saturday evening after we got home from the doctor, where we were investigating dizziness and very bad cramping. The gas continued into Sunday with no relief. I was so happy and excited to see everyone at Joy’s birthday lunch that I apparently overheated and got dizzy and hot, and then the gas got so bad within only a few minutes that I had to leave lunch and go lay down. It was terrible. After getting home, I laid down and rested, but with no relief. The night only got worse! I have been taking the recommended dosage of Gas-x for the past few days, and that has helped the pain, but I’m still uncomfortable. My pants are unbuttoned (Yes, even here at work) because my belly is full of air. I ordered an expander for my jeans yesterday since they still fit everywhere except the top button. Hopefully that will get here soon and I can just wear a long cami to cover it up. From here on out I will be avoiding soda, onions, tomatoes, and a slew of other gas-inducing foods to prevent making this any worse. I keep telling myself this will pass…

On a lighter note, I think I had my first craving yesterday, although it could have just been hunger. Someone mentioned cheese and spinach ravioli and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. So we made it as a side with our Tilapia for dinner! It was sooo good, but unfortunately since my appetite has just about disappeared, I could only eat a few bites of the fish and ravioli before I was stuffed.

I also worked out yesterday for the first time in a few weeks. Earlier in the pregnancy, when I was 4 or 5 weeks, I went to a couple of the classes I have always taken - spinning and a cardio/strength class - and realized that I was getting winded much faster and was pushing myself too hard. I purchased a heart rate monitor on Sunday so that I can make sure I’m not going to hard on myself. I suspect it is going to be hard to work out “moderately” when I’m used to pushing myself. I am going to stick to a light 30 minute workout this week on the elliptical machine, and then next week see about easing my way back into the group exercise classes. I’ve read all the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, and I sure hope they’re right! I need all the energy I can get right now, I’m pooped!

Tomorrow starts week 10. Josh and I are enjoying reading our books about the daily development of the little one. It’s crazy how fast it is all happening! We will go for our next appointment on March 11. Its only 2 weeks away!! By then, he will actually look like a baby too! I will upload that sono picture once we have it. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Great News!

On January 17, 2010 Joshua and I found out that we were going to be parents!!! I have my first doctor’s appointment this week, and I can’t wait. I believe I am right around 6 weeks, but because I am not exactly sure when my last cycle was, I may be 7 weeks, so it will be nice for the doctor to give me a due date and tell me exactly how far along I am! I haven’t been experiencing any early pregnancy symptoms yet either, so I am looking forward to the doctor telling me “Yes, you really are pregnant!”, because right now it just doesn’t feel real. I was really bloated one week, and have been a little tired this week, but seriously, I’m always tired so that’s nothing new. I have been spending all of my free time at work reading about pregnancy and the baby’s development each week, which I love. We are just starting to tell people, even though it is still so early. I couldn’t wait any longer!! I’ve almost blurted it out to everyone a dozen times! It is so hard to lie when everyone asks, “What’s new?” and I say “oh, nothing, just the same old thing”. SO not true!! Everything is new and changing! Yesterday I told my mom and I think I took her really off guard. She seemed really shocked at first like she wasn’t sure what I’d said, but then she started to get really excited and giddy. We also told Lauren last night, and she cried. It was a pretty awesome response. So this week we will tell Dad and Lisa and Cheryle and Rachel and everyone else. I can’t wait to have the news out in the open!

Now that I’m pregnant I’ve decided I absolutely have to get back into my gym routine. I was doing really well up until my birthday, I had even lost 10 pounds, but when we go back from Vegas I just stopped going. I kept making excuses and then after the new year I told myself I’d get back into it. Didn’t happen. Starting this week though I am going to get back to the same classes I’ve always taken, and hopefully commit to four times a week, probably cycling twice, strength training once, and kickboxing once a week. I can do the kickboxing and strength training at a low impact rate, so they shouldn’t be a problem. I’m excited to get my body healthy!

Other things going on are…birthdays!!! Lauren’s birthday was yesterday and she came over with Pat, despite the 25+ inches of snow on the ground. It was fun to just hang out with them and chat. Then this Friday is Joshua’s birthday (32!!) and we are going to a dueling piano bar at the National Harbor. We are really excited for that, I think it is when we are going to tell our friends the good news. Saturday is Dad’s birthday and we are going over to his place to celebrate all the birthdays.

With all the snow we’ve had lately, I decided that I was going to be really prepared this time around and make sure I had things to do in the house. I went to the yarn store on Friday and picked up some pretty baby yarn to start my blanket for a friend that is due in May. The pattern is really easy and hopefully won’t take me too long. I started it yesterday and was making good progress, but then I got bored. I made a cheesecake too and I can’t wait to try it later today! It has to be good, considering its got three pounds of cream cheese in it. Who wouldn’t love that?! In a few minutes we are going to walk up to Giant and get a couple of things to eat with the chili I’m going to make today. Yummy!!! We haven’t had chili in a really long time, and since it is Super bowl Sunday (go Colts! I went to high school with one of the players - Melvin Bullitt) I think it’s appropriate. Other greasy, carby foods will also be appropriate.

I guess the only other things that are going on these days are work and home life. Home life is always great around here. Dora is being a great little girl for us, although we did make a mistake last week. We thought we could leave her out of her crate, free to roam the house while we went and ran some errands on Sunday. Of course, we thought it would be fun to see what she did while we were gone, so we videotaped it. The camera was a little high unfortunately, and only caught her a few times during the 30 minutes it recorded. We did catch her jump up on the bar and grab something to chew on, and also get on the couch and get a bottle of lotion to eat. We were mad when we got home, but really we should have known she’s not ready to be left out! She has also become quite the contortionist, and has figured out how to unlock one of her locks on her crate and escape through an opening that is only a couple of inches wide - she’s done this three times now. We are tie-wrapping the doors shut now until we can figure out how/why she is doing this. Other than acting out while we aren’t home, she’s doing great. She hasn’t had an accident in the house in quite a while, and she isn’t eating out of the litter box anymore. Unfortunately, we are still working with her to keep her out of the cats’ food once they walk away from it. She is fine when they are eating, but when they leave and there are a few pebbles of food, she runs right for it. We’ve taken her to the dog park a bunch of times, and she LOVES it. It makes us so happy to see her tail go up so high in the air and how playful she gets around other dogs. She just loves running as fast as she can (and she’s FAST!) being chased or chasing other dogs. Once the snow goes away and the sun starts staying up past 5 pm, we’ll be up there even more.

Work is going well for us both, it’s just the same old thing! I’m still working with the museum doing research for an exhibit, and we’re about to get to the really exciting stuff - identifying culture types, ceramic styles, and dates for the objects! We have about 7 months left on the project and from here on out I think it’s going to be great. We might even get to work with the curators to pick out which objects will actually go in the exhibit. Yay!

That’s about it right now…it’s a lot! I will keep updating with pictures and other fun things.