Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gas Pains!

Ohhh the pain…ohh the pain. This weekend started up what I hope is a short bout with gas. It first started Saturday evening after we got home from the doctor, where we were investigating dizziness and very bad cramping. The gas continued into Sunday with no relief. I was so happy and excited to see everyone at Joy’s birthday lunch that I apparently overheated and got dizzy and hot, and then the gas got so bad within only a few minutes that I had to leave lunch and go lay down. It was terrible. After getting home, I laid down and rested, but with no relief. The night only got worse! I have been taking the recommended dosage of Gas-x for the past few days, and that has helped the pain, but I’m still uncomfortable. My pants are unbuttoned (Yes, even here at work) because my belly is full of air. I ordered an expander for my jeans yesterday since they still fit everywhere except the top button. Hopefully that will get here soon and I can just wear a long cami to cover it up. From here on out I will be avoiding soda, onions, tomatoes, and a slew of other gas-inducing foods to prevent making this any worse. I keep telling myself this will pass…

On a lighter note, I think I had my first craving yesterday, although it could have just been hunger. Someone mentioned cheese and spinach ravioli and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. So we made it as a side with our Tilapia for dinner! It was sooo good, but unfortunately since my appetite has just about disappeared, I could only eat a few bites of the fish and ravioli before I was stuffed.

I also worked out yesterday for the first time in a few weeks. Earlier in the pregnancy, when I was 4 or 5 weeks, I went to a couple of the classes I have always taken - spinning and a cardio/strength class - and realized that I was getting winded much faster and was pushing myself too hard. I purchased a heart rate monitor on Sunday so that I can make sure I’m not going to hard on myself. I suspect it is going to be hard to work out “moderately” when I’m used to pushing myself. I am going to stick to a light 30 minute workout this week on the elliptical machine, and then next week see about easing my way back into the group exercise classes. I’ve read all the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, and I sure hope they’re right! I need all the energy I can get right now, I’m pooped!

Tomorrow starts week 10. Josh and I are enjoying reading our books about the daily development of the little one. It’s crazy how fast it is all happening! We will go for our next appointment on March 11. Its only 2 weeks away!! By then, he will actually look like a baby too! I will upload that sono picture once we have it. :)

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