Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I’ve always loved cereal. Mom likes to tell stories about how I used to get up in the morning and not speak or look at anyone until I’d had my cereal. That’s not the case anymore, I usually eat bagels or something less sugary in the mornings and I’m not that grouchy in the morning either. Lately, though, cereal is all that I want to eat!! My appetite has been pretty much shot since around week 5 or 6 so dinner time has been more of a hassle and chore than something I enjoy and look forward to. I’ve found that cereal is once again, like when I was a kid, something I cannot live without. I eat all day at work - a protein bar around 9:30, grapes or carrots around 11, lunch around 1, yogurt in the afternoon. Yet, when I got home from work today around 5, I found myself playing out a scene my mom must remember well. I came in the house, set down my purse and went straight for the pantry. I didn’t take off my jacket, didn’t acknowledge the dog, didn’t call hello to Joshua. I just grabbed a bowl and some milk and enjoyed a HUGE bowl of Smacks. It was perfect. It has been that good all week.

This week has been really good so far. I didn’t do much over the weekend because I was feeling really tired. We took Dora to the dog park on Saturday so she could run around and play with the other dogs; she had fun and wore herself out! We went to DC Saturday night for a friend’s birthday and that was fun. I feel like we never get to see our friends enough so it was good to catch up with everyone. This weekend I am going to two baby showers, and a “reunion” of a group of old friends, so it should be a pretty social (exhausting) weekend.

New updates this week: 1)I exercised two days in a row!! That’s quite an accomplishment since I have been majorly slacking. I hope to keep that going and make it to the gym again tomorrow. 2)Also - I am beginning to see a little bump. It could be just that I am retaining water, plus the fact that I’ve always had a pooch and tend to stick my belly out and my butt out. My belly band came in yesterday and it was great to use today! It has a bunch of adjustments so I had it on the smallest closure today, which just gave me the relief of having my top button unbuttoned without my pants slipping down. 3)I am spending much of my down time at work looking at baby things - cribs, car seats, etc. I am overwhelmed by it, but luckily there are tons of place to find product reviews and safety ratings. Yay for baby stuff!

Its about time for bed - its 9 o’clock. :) I gotta get my beauty rest!!! xoxo

Here is a picture of me on 2/6…I guess I would have been 7 weeks at that time. Pretty flat belly for the most part. Big butt though.

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