Tuesday, March 16, 2010

12 weeks…almost 13! Our appointment went well last week, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture to post. :( We couldn’t see much on the screen, just the head and a couple of limbs here and there. So now we have to wait until April 8 to see the little one again, dang it! Four weeks seems like forever when I just want to know that everything is ok. Other than seeing the baby on the screen, the appointment was pretty uneventful. I gained three pounds which still puts me 4 less than when I first got pregnant, but I think that I am probably making that up now that I’m eating dinner again. Although my waist is definitely thicker, I don’t feel like I have a bump yet. I mean, I do right now because I just ate a whole bowl of cereal is 3 minutes, but when I’m not full, my tummy just has the normal pooch that it has always had. I don’t know…judge for yourself. This was on Saturday at 12 weeks and 2 days:

I told my work on Friday that I am pregnant and it was received well. Everyone was happy and congratulated me. It feels great to finally not have a huge secret! It was so hard not to tell my coworkers for the past couple of months, but I am glad I waited. Having the appointment on Thursday and knowing that everything looks good was reassuring before I told everyone at work. Also, I did really well in Office Olympics on Friday so it was overall a good week. :)

I’m definitely feeling more energized these days. I worked out yesterday and went on a walk today with Joshua and Dora. I can’t sleep still though. I have been going to bed before 10pm, but between the tossing and turning, getting up to go to the bathroom,and Frank taking over my pillow and stepping all over me, I’m having a hard time staying asleep.

It’s about time for dinner so I’m going to get to eating..xoxoxo!

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