Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I gave Audrey a container and some corks and showed her how to drop them in and then dump them all out. It took her a while to catch on because she was mostly interested in putting the cork in her mouth. :) She also kept pretending like she was going to put it in, but instead would hold it over the opening and then just put it in her mouth. So cute. After a little while she finally decided to drop it in, but then got frustrated that she couldn't get it out again. She was really concentrating on how to get it out of there, though. I love watching her and wondering what she's thinking.


  1. aren't the little breathing noises babies make when they're trying to do something so cute? :) I guess her cloth diapers are going okay - Leo got too... unpredictable, so I put it off for a bit until we get a better food routine or a more mature digestive system! is that "baby things" basket one you covered? very cute :)

  2. Yes, the "thinking" breathing is so precious. Funny you should ask about the CD's - I have a post in draft with all the details of my experience so far. Its been good. :) I wish I could say I made that baby things basket, but like most of my projects, it remains unfinished in my sewing desk. I was missing something and needed to take a break from it and never came back. :(