Sunday, June 26, 2011

Its a fort!

At Audrey's daycare, they have a little fenced area outside that is just for the little babies, so they don't get tackled by any big kids. In this play area, there is a rubber tree house type thing, where the babies can climb in and hang out in the tree trunk, and then slide down the outside. Her teachers told us that while the other babies are sometimes scared in there, or they just go in and come right back out, that Audrey will go in and stay there the whole time, just peeking out every few minutes. How cute! I thought she must like the enclosed feeling so I planned to make a fort at home, but Grandma Maria bought her this awesome tent instead. We got up this morning and set it up first thing and sure enough, she loves it! Its a little too small for us to play in it with her, but she doesn't seem to mind too much. She enjoys sitting in there with her beloved Winnie the Pooh people .

Thank You Grandma!!!

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  1. fun!!! my kinda girl - I loved forts and places to hide.