Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today we celebrated Joshua's first Father's Day. I was procrastinating and didn't get his gift together until yesterday, but it still turned out nice. I took some photos of Audrey holding letters to spell out, "Papi". I printed the photos and put them in a frame for his desk at work. Here's a picture of the completed project:

As you can see, Audrey was not very interested in looking at the camera. This happens every time we go outside and I try to take pictures - she is way more interested in the sights and sounds of the outdoors than in making adorable faces for the camera! Some of the outtakes were cute:

I also got him a nail gun compressor tool set thing. Or something like that. I got the wrong one, so our Father's Day adventure was to Home Depot to get the right one. After spending an hour there, we discovered they do not actually have it. Ugh! I was able to order it on Amazon when we got home, so no worries. Here's Daddy and Baby together on their first Father's Day.

Audrey's first Home Depot trip. She had fun, especially considering she was overdue for a nap! 

Of course I didn't get any pictures of the three of us on Father's Day. I always have my camera, except when I actually need it. Hmm.

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  1. Your little girl is ADORABLE!! She remind me so much Emma in these pictures, which makes sense as they are only a few days apart. :) By the way, Audrey was definitely our second choice for a name and very well may be the name of our next baby if it's a girl! We seem to be very alike. :)