Thursday, June 23, 2011


It seems that every week Audrey has a new hobby. First it was the books, and then last week it was an obsession with the washing machine. I never got around to blogging it so here are some recent pictures. Since we have a front loader she can see what's inside and I figured out how to make the interior light come on while its running, so this is a great source of entertainment for her whenever a load is working. How fun for her!

Well just this week she has discovered a new thing: Doors! She loves to open them and crawl through, then come back. In the living room, we have the couch sitting where it blocks off the doors to the kitchen so they can't be closed all the way. We put Audrey up there and she played with the door for quite a while! Of course the door squeaks so that was cool, but there is also a pillow on the floor between the couch and the door (hiding electrical cords, safe!) so she liked watching it move as she opened the door. I love how she keeps looking behind the door. Is something there that wasn't there before? I wonder what she's thinking.

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