Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Friend

Sitting with Audrey the other day, I told her "You're my best friend". To which she replied, "No. Chloe my best friend". Ouch! And so it begins. She already wants her friends over her mama!?
Chloe is the daughter of my friend, Natania. She's Audrey's age (2 months older) and they've been playing together for a few months now (maybe a year?). Up until recently, they didn't actually play together, though. They would just play on their own but not really interact with one another. Now that they're a little older and especially since they both are talking so much, they finally have started playing more like friends do. I babysat Chloe for a few hours one day and they had a blast. The funniest thing was listening to them trying to take turns and share. The day went like this:
"Its my turn!" "No its MY turn" "No ITS MY TURN NOW!" "No Audrey now its MY TURN!" back and forth over and over again....until...
"I broke that" "No I BROKE THAT!" "No Chloe I BROKE THAT!" It wasn't even broken (totally fixable) but they both wanted to take full credit for whoever broke it....
...silence...followed by..."Awwwww. Uh oh. That's bad". I came around the corner and found Audrey writing on the bathroom since with a dry erase marker while Chloe stood outside the bathroom with a very serious look on her face.
But although they argued, as soon as Chloe left Audrey was asking about her and wanted to play with her again. Its so funny to watch and listen to Audrey as she plays with others..what she says to them and how she follows their lead or takes the lead herself. I am so excited for her to start school this fall (with Chloe!) and see how she blossoms in a fun, social environment!

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