Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and now it is December!

Ah! Where does the time go? Every day seems to fly by, then a week is gone, and a month, and somehow my daughter turns two months old! Whoa! Here she is on her 2 month birthday. Josh sent me roses and lillies for my birthday since I was in Texas, so I took a picture of our little rosebud with a rosebud. :)

Audrey is out of her harness now. I can't remember if I blogged that, but 3 weeks ago we had a checkup and the doctor said her hips are strong and beautiful and she no longer needs to be in the harness! Yay! We were all very relieved. We have another checkup in January just to follow up and make sure things are looking good. She also had her two month checkup at her pediatrician's today. She is 14 lbs and 5oz, and is 23 inches long! Big Girl! I actually thought she was over 15 lbs. Close, but not quite. She got three vaccines today, so she has been sleepy all day...which was fine with me. :) I just laid down with her and got to enjoy a long, cuddly nap.

Audrey and I traveled back to Dallas for Thanksgiving and she was wonderful on both flights again. It took a couple of days once we were there for her to settle back into her routine with naps and everything, but once she did settle we had a great time. Thanksgiving was at Grandma Bobi's house and it was great to see everyone. Mom and Grandma decorated the house beautifully and the food was amazing.

Cristina loves baby A. Baby A loves Cristina, too.

I am returning to work two weeks from today. Luckily, I go back on a Friday so I will only have to be away from her one day. Joshua is going to stay home with her that day, and the following week she will be with Lisa for three days and with Joshua two days. Then on Monday, December 27, my little baby will start going to daycare. I am not looking forward to this day at all. I knew it would be hard, but not this hard. I went and toured some centers yesterday and today. Joshua and I toured one while I was pregnant and we loved it, but I wanted to check out some other places too, to make sure we chose the right one for Audrey. One of them was $2100 a month!! That's more than college tuition!!! Daaaaang. After touring 4 places, I went back today to the first place we toured back in June and decided it was the one for us. It is more expensive than the others (except the $2100 one!), but I felt much more at ease when I walked in and was able to see what the children were doing. I didn't like walking into an infant room and seeing three babies sitting in swings that weren't turned on and didn't have any toys. They were just sitting there. Another place had a room so small that the children looked like they couldn't even all be on the floor playing at the same time because there just wasn't room. I'm sure there are things I will not like about the daycare I chose for her, but I do feel like it is the best place for Audrey at this time, since I can't be with her. We introduced the bottle to Audrey recently, to get her ready for daycare. She seems to do ok with it. It takes her much longer to eat than when I nurse her, but I guess that is just because she is still getting used to it. Here is Daddy enjoying dinnertime with his little girl...

We are going to visit Santa Clause tomorrow at the mall. Yay! I am definitely looking forward to this first Christmas with Audrey. I know she won't know what is going on, but I will be sure to take many pictures so she can look at them when she is older, and so you all can be a part of it.

Lauren will be home in 21 days!

xoxo, love,


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