Sunday, June 10, 2012


Here's a little Question/Answer info session about baby #2 since I can't tell everyone everything all at once. Maybe you were wondering?

Due date: 12/6 (two days after Rachel's bday, maybe they will share?)
Finding out the sex: NOPE! Didn't with Audrey, won't with this one.
Thoughts on the gender: Right now I think its a girl.
Current Weight Gain: 0 lbs
Cravings: None so far. I'm eating more cereal like last time, but I think that's because its the only thing that sounds appealing at dinner time.
Morning Sickness: In the first trimester, yes, but it wasn't too bad.
Audrey's understanding: She doesn't understand. I told her there is a baby in my belly, and now she picks up her shirt and points to her belly button and says "baby". I don't think she'll be old enough to understand until I am just about due.
Will Audrey stay in our room: I don't think so. While we love having her in there with us, we don't see how it could work with both babies in our room. They will be on very different schedules for quite some time, and they'd wake each other up constantly. Our plan is to move her into her room down the hall (scary) sometime near her 2nd birthday (September). This will give her a couple of months to get used to it so she won't think the new baby kicked her out.
Where will the baby sleep: She will sleep in her cosleeper in our room until she outgrows it (around 4 months) and then will either sleep with us like Audrey did, or we'll put her in the crib in our room. Josh and I liked cosleeping with Audrey (aside from a few rough nights) and it made breastfeeding so much easier for me. If the baby takes to it, we'd like to cosleep until s/he is night weaned just like we did with Audrey.
VBAC: This stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. Yes, I am hoping for a VBAC, and I am currently in the process of switching to a doctor that is well known for successful VBACs.
Delivery: Unless anything changes, I'll be delivering at The Birthing Inn at inova Loudoun.
Names: Boy - Joshua, no middle name. Joshua is strong enough on its own. For a girl we have a few that we are tossing around but nothing is settled. Probably Irene for a middle name (my middle name, also my great-grandma's middle name).

Any other questions? I have another appointment in 2 weeks...can't wait to hear the heart beat again!

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  1. Oh yay! I love these little Q&A posts. I plan to do one every week when (if) we get pregnant again. Maybe. :)

    I like the name Irene as a middle name. It flows well with lots of names. I have a niece named Rylee Irene.