Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Bees!!!

It has been a while since the last blog update, so I apologize! Sometimes I feel like there is nothing new to report, then a week goes by and I have a ton! I will try to be better.

We traveled to Texas last week to celebrate Lexi’s graduation and her and Shawn’s wedding. What a week! Aside from the minor flight trouble we had at the beginning, the week was amazing. I love so much that Lexi and Shawn were able to have the wedding they wanted, exactly how they wanted it. It was great to see so much family at once and I wish we could do it more often! Josh and I got to meet Zach, my cousin Sarah and Doug’s little boy, for the first time and he was so sweet! He’s such a calm and serene baby, lucky parents! Josh also was able to meet more of my family that he’d never met before. After things with the wedding settled down, we headed down to the San Antonio area to spend a few days relaxing. We stayed at a really cute house in New Braunfels, which is a small, old town. We played games, made smores, rode bikes, and even ventured into San Antonio one day to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Of course, the highlight of that trip was that Joshua and I were able to meet Joshua’s father and his family for the first time, something that we have both been looking forward to since they first got in touch a year ago. We are so happy to say that it was wonderful to finally meet them (minus their older daughter, who lives in New York). They are a happy, warm, welcoming, Christian family that made Joshua and I both feel comfortable in thier home. We can’t wait to see them again, either here in VA or in TX. I feel like this was perfect timing for Josh, and I can’t wait to see he and Dave’s relationship continue to grow. So happy for them both…

In baby news, things are going great and FLYING BY!!!! TOO FAST! I am showing and love the feeling of resting my hands on my little belly. :) The baby has been moving quite a bit for a couple of weeks now, but just last week the movements became strong enough to feel from the outside. Mom, Lexi, and Josh were all able to feel some little kicks, and Josh has felt some more since we’ve been home. I love when the baby is active, it puts a huge smile on my face and I catch myself daydreaming about what the baby is doing in there. I wonder if s/he can hear me or what is going on around, or if s/he is just moving because she’s trying to get comfy. Either way, I love it! They kind of feel like these little punches, and they often catch me off guard and feel funny. I can’t explain what they feel like. We are at 22 weeks right now, and I am really beginning to feel some anxiety over the fact that there are only 18 weeks left. I know that is a lot, but I have so much to do and I want to have it all done early!!! As many of you know, we are possibly moving sometime in the next month, or we might be staying, but since we don’t exactly know yet, I can’t really start planning the nursery, and I certainly don’t want to buy anything for it yet - in case we do move, it will just be more stuff to have to pack! We will have this all figured out soon enough though, so I am remaining patient and taking things as they come, but still trying to plan ahead.

As for our pretty little family, the animals are all doing well! They spent 10 days at Maria’s house (Joshua’s mom) while we were in Texas, and they came back spoiled! Dora just climbs on the couch and bed when she wants to! We will break her of that quickly, she’s a good listener and very obedient. Frank is still keeping me up all night by trying to walk all over my body and sleep directly on my head, but Pussycat is still as sweet as can be. ALSO - after a very, very long 2 years, Josh finally cut his hair! I love it short and the long puffs are not missed….

Josh: “are you happy?” Me: “Very!!!”

Looking good!! I will write more soon, but for now, we are going to catch up on some episodes of LOST!!!!!!!


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