Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The big day...

We recently took some pictures with Lisa and they turned out really great. Here is one that I really like. Josh is talking in his goofy voice the baby. He does that a lot... So tomorrow we are going to meet our baby. Finally. As most know, we found out last Wednesday at my 39 week appointment that the baby is in the frank breech position, meaning his head and feet are up top at my ribs, and his little bum is down by my pelvis. It was devastating news for Joshua and I because our OB does not deliver breech babies naturally, only by C-Section. We knew all along during the pregnancy that we did not want a C-Section, and really wanted the most natural birth possible, so this came as quite a shock considering how much work we put into making sure our natural birth would happen. On Friday we went to the hospital and had an External Cephalic Version done, where the doctor actually tries to physically turn the baby, but it was unsuccessful. I went to the chiropractor for four visits to try and open up and align my pelvis to give the baby more room to turn, but that didn't seem to help. I contacted someone who does accupuncture and does a thing called moxibustion, which is known to help turn breech babies, but my insurance wouldn't cover it so that was out. I crawled around on all fours, laid upside down from the couch, leaned down the stairs head first, walked for miles, put ice packs on the baby's head and heat packs on his bum, put headphones playing Beethoven up to my pelvis to get the baby to move to the sound, and talked, begged, and pleaded with the little one to please turn around. But alas, he is stubborn. Disobedient already! I guess he's just comfortable. Maybe he wanted to be closer to my heart?

So that means that we are going in tomorrow, Thursday, September 23, 2010 to have our baby! We were sad for a few days but now we are just so excited to finally meet the little guy or girl that the worries and other things have faded away a bit. On Monday, we went to Sweetwater and had a really nice lunch out on the patio and chatted about the baby and what we think s/he'll look like and all that fun stuff. Here is a picture of our dessert...the server knew that we were having a baby in a few days and that we didn't know the sex, so he decorated the plate with a really cute question mark and a girl and a boy and some candles...It was so sweet and cute. And yes, the bread pudding was amazing.

It was a really great day...

Here is daddy toasting little baby Falcon....Cheers Baby!!!

Tonight we just took it easy. I made chili and we finished up some final things and watched a little bit of TV. Josh is playing his Madden and I'm blogging and we're getting ready for bed. I imagine a quiet night like this won't be seen again for some time!!! We welcome the change, though. It will teach us more patience and will give us even more perspective on life.

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  1. I can certainly understand your disappointment in not being able to have a natural birth. I was so frustrated that 2 days of labor got me to the operating room. I'm glad you both didn't let it get the best of you and are now feeling the EXCITEMENT!!! I will be anxiously awaiting NEWS tomorrow :) I love you both and could not be more excited for you as you begin this new journey together...parenthood...WOW...we sure have come a long way since hanging out on the balcony & garage days :) Love you xoxoxo