Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The phrase, "I just rolled out of bed" has begun to take on a whole new meaning for me. I literally cannot get out of bed without rolling myself off the side. If Josh happens to wake up when I'm trying to get up, he'll give me a push so I can sit up, or if he's out of bed, he'll actually pull me up. Otherwise I'm stuck rolling. This also applies to the couch. I never imagined what it would be like to have absolutely no use of core/abdominal muscles, but now I know. And it is tough! I've been able to keep the swelling under control as long as I don't do too much during the day. Last night Joshua and I went with Lisa to the park where she did a little photo shoot for us (can't wait to see the pictures) and by the end of it my feet were already swelling. They are swollen today too. I don't like this part very much, I miss my skinny, pretty feet! Hopefully back to normal by tomorrow. I was back to feeling pretty energetic and like myself for a while there, then this morning exhaustion kicked in again. I woke up a lot last night trying to get comfortable (I hate sleeping on my side!!!!) and I realized part of the reason I couldn't fall asleep was because I couldn't really breathe. I guess maybe my lungs were being squeezed too much or something, so I piled up a bunch of pillows behind me and slept in an upright position the rest of the night. I woke up this morning not feeling very rested. We don't have anything planned for this evening, so I am looking forward to taking Dora on a walk and then resting the night away on the couch...calling Josh if I need anything, so I won't have to roll myself off the couch.

Also, I just got up to use the ladies' room (I'm at work) and wet myself a little on the walk over there. Lovely. At least I'm leaving work early today.

Tomorrow marks 37 weeks pregnant, and our baby will be full term! I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and I'm looking forward to hearing that heartbeat and knowing that he's growing as he should be. :) Oh yeah, and now I think (I think that I think) that it's a boy. I honestly have no clue. Anyone want to make bets? Anyone care to guess what day the baby will be born?? I say boy, born on September 18. Random day, I know. I just looked down at the calendar, saw that my last day at work is the 17th, and picked the 18th. Yeah, I'll go with that. So two weeks and two days left of work. Yay! I am finding it harder and harder to sit in this chair all day long!!

I wish I could post pictures of my much bigger baby bump, but until I get my computer back, I can't. Hopefully by next week, though. We also bought a very pretty dining room table that I'd love to share with you all! I'll update as soon as the computer is back and I can upload my pictures.

Elizabeth, Joshua, and JJ...or Audrey.


  1. Forgot you had started a blog and just did all my catch up. You both sound so happy and I am so glad to hear you and baby are healthy and happy. Please know after the baby comes (and you are through your leave me the hell alone faze lol! which you will feel the first week or two) I would be happy to come over and help with anything (including laundry) :) Love you guys!

  2. Hang in there sweets! The end of the journey might have some hard days. Being so small & carrying that little one can be tough on your tiny body, but not too much longer. I am going to say girl still (although, when I saw you @ the shower, I did have the thought that it was a boy), but I will stick to my original guess. I'm going to guess the due date is 9.25. Denie says boy and he is betting on your due date :) Can't wait to meet her or him, they are going to be so adorable, for sure!!!!