Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five Weeks Away

I can't believe we are five weeks away from our due date! The last few weeks have just flown by. We haven't been doing much other than working, resting, and crossing things off the to-do list. Unfortunately, every time we cross something off, two more things get added! For the most part, we are ready. Sure, I'd like to clean out the closets, dust the baseboards, and sell some things on Craigslist, but I know the baby won't care much about those things so it isn't the end of the world if we don't get them all done before she's here. Josh is working this weekend on painting the ceiling in the living room and working on the trim - we finally got the hole in the ceiling fixed! Yay! One more thing done...

As I've said before, I've had a very easy pregnancy so far. No morning sickness, no real cravings, no complaints at all for the most part. That's probably why, when fatigue set in around 2 weeks ago, I felt completely off guard! Suddenly I was just entirely....physically....exhausted. Walking up or down the stairs left me out of breath. Typing at work made my arms tired. I actually walked out halfway through my class at the gym for the first time, because my legs and back were just too tired to keep me up!!! I felt like I was running a marathon every time I got up to go to the bathroom. Luckily, that has passed. For now anyways. Hopefully if it comes back it won't be as bad. I am very lucky to have such an understanding guy at home who cooks for me and lets me rest whenever I need to. :) Also, my ankles have become one with my feet. I went out to dinner right after work with some friends for Heather's birthday on Tuesday, and didn't get home until almost 10pm. I felt tired and uncomfortable and so I went straight to bed. The next day my feet were sore and felt funny, and my fingers were chubby! All day it seemed like my feet were getting bigger and bigger until I finally got home and laid down for a few hours. That helped. The swelling was gone in the morning, and then came back slightly last night. I think it is from just being sedentary all day, but I'm not sure. Tonight I am going to take Dora on a walk around the neighborhood, and try to get into a routine of doing that every night since I'm not exercising anymore. Hopefully it will help keep too much water retention and swelling from coming back.

I am going to weekly appointments now, my next one is on Wednesday. I can't wait! Not that they do anything special, but I just love getting checkups and hearing that everything looks and sounds good. Its reassuring. Throughout the whole pregnancy, Joshua and I have thought the baby is going to come early. I even dreamed once that I delivered the baby 11 weeks early. The other day, Josh looked at me and said very seriously, "The baby is coming soon". I said I know. I'm not sure why we both have this feeling, but we've probably jinxed it and now the baby will be 2 weeks past the due date. We're happy with it either way, although we both finally feel ready. Josh says he's nervous about the labor and delivery, that he won't know what to do to help me. I'm more nervous about actually bringing the baby home, that I won't know how to care for her or something. With all the preparation we've both done, neither of us should be scared of either of these things, but we are. I know we'll figure it out...people always have.

My last day at work is September 17th. Four more weeks! I am looking very forward to that. Not because I dislike working, but just because it has started to become uncomfortable to be sitting at a desk all day. I try to get up and take strolls around the office periodically, but it only helps for a little while. By the time 4pm rolls around, I can hardly even stand to be sitting anymore! Yesterday I was fidgeting and moving around for the last 2 hours I was here. I just need to be horizontal!! It feels best to lie down - the weight all out front is tough to carry! On a random note - I think it is a little rude for people I don't know to say "Wow, you're belly is huge!". I don't mind it from people I know at all. But from some random woman at a restaurant to tell me I'm gonna have a big baby because my belly is so big? I told her "no, actually my doctor thinks I'm going to have a small baby. You must not see a lot of pregnant women, do you?". I measured my waist this morning and I don't think it is that big. Maybe it just looks big on me because it is all out front. But whatever, that lady is rude. And I'm a little sensitive.

I will post pictures soon, but our computer is currently experiencing technical difficulties and so the pictures are inaccessible. Love you all! And Happy Monday!!!!!!!!


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  1. Great update sweetie! At the end of the night, when you lay down, you should put your feet up for 15 minutes -- since that will definitely help with the swelling, in addition to watching your sodium tomato juice or frozen foods/meals. Increasing your potassium intake should also help with swelling. I know Lauren didn't like the coconut water but it sure hydrtates you and has twice the potassium as a banana -- but maybe a banana a day would help! xoxo, i hope to come by this weekend.