Saturday, August 7, 2010


Our baby shower was two weekends ago, and all I can still think to say is THANK YOU!!!! We are so happy that we were able to celebrate with so many of our family and friends, and we were (and still are) overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. It was such a fun and exciting day for us, and by the end of it all, we were exhausted! We are lucky to have a very big family, so the party was put together by a bunch of different people. My mom surprised me and flew in from Dallas on Wednesday so that she could be at the shower. It was such a nice surprise, and very unexpected. I love surprises and had no clue that she was even coming! She and Lisa (my stepmom) put together a beautiful diaper cake that will keep the baby clean and dry for a while.

Lexi also flew in from out of town and although it wasn't a surprise, it was still so great to spend time with her. My cousin Sarah and her family drove up from the Virginia Beach area, as did our good friends Kristie and Denie with their little girl, Sloan. We had my family from Maryland there too, and some of Josh's family that I hadn't met yet! It was so great to see everyone, and we are so appreciative that you all made the journey to spend the afternoon with us. We are so lucky and happy that our baby has such a loving and caring family and extended family to look forward to.

Cheryle worked very hard on the decorations for the party, and Maria put together some awesome party favor bags full of candy and goodies for everyone to take home. Luckily she packed me one too, or else I would have forgotten to save them!

Lisa made some delicious cupcakes and a cake for everyone to enjoy, and I think it is safe to say that everyone did indeed enjoy them!
Kristie and Denie made this awesome diaper cake, and filled a basket with lots of goodies - even a Daddy's Diaper Kit! This includes gloves, a mask, tongs, and a work belt. Josh had fun with that...

Here is a picture of the nursery once we were home. Lots and Lots of baby stuff!

Thanks to so many generous family and friends, our baby is set for quite a while!!! Thank you all for participating and I hope you had fun - we sure did!!!!

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  1. Denie is now wishing he had come up with the idea to put a paper suit in there! Too funny!!! LOVE IT & LOVE YOU GUYS!!! We miss you both so much & wish we could be there to veg out & keep you company during this time. Can't wait to see you soon & meet your little one!!! xoxoxo