Friday, October 8, 2010

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors!

It was a busy week for us! We had three doctor's appointments. On Tuesday, I went in for my OB checkup and it was great! In addition to already having lost almost all of my baby weight (5 pounds left!), the doctor said I was healing nicely and lifted the awful restrictions they had given me when I was discharged from the hospital. That means I can go up and down the stairs as much as I need to, I can walk as long as I feel comfortable, etc. So I'm still not able to hit the gym (I don't want to push my body!), I am definitely enjoying the afternoon walks and freedom to move around a bit more.

Wednesday we had Audrey's appointment with the orthopedic specialist. First, I really like the doctor so that is good. And when we told our pediatrician who the specialist was, she told us that she's one of the best in the area and that we are in good hands. :) Basically, the doc confirmed what the first ultrasound said - that her hips are simply loose in the socket. She felt around and said it doesn't feel like it is bad, but she ordered another ultrasound to be done next week to see how much progress has been made since the last one. She put Audrey back in the horrible harness for the time being, saying that she may not need it depending on what the ultrasound shows. Or, she might have to continue wearing it for a few weeks. Luckily, this one is a million times easier to use than the one we were given at the hospital. She does seem uncomfortable in it since she can't stretch her legs, but I guess that is the point. It won't be for long and it is better to get it done with now than have to deal with it in the future. The doctor said many times the hips will fix themselves without the harness, but it is better to be sure and use the harness.Then on Thursday we had Audrey's 2 week checkup! Two weeks already!?! We went to a different pediatrician this time because I didn't like the feel I got with the first one. WOW what a difference it was!!! This office is much more intimate, has a personal feel to it, warm, welcoming. It is definitely somewhere I feel comfortable taking Audrey. She now weighs 9 lbs 2 oz and is almost 21 inches long. Strong heart, strong lungs, good lookin' eyes and ears!! Great checkup!

In other news, I was browsing on Wednesday just for fun and came across an ad for baby girl clothes. I contacted the lady and yesterday I drove to Alexandria and picked up a box of 320 pieces of clothing, sizes 0-12months, for $80!!! It is sooooo much stuff! It is mostly onesies and pants, but she had a bunch of other stuff too like dresses and skirts that I didn't even look at. I figured 320 pieces should last us. Some of it I will just resell or pass along to someone else because it is either too small already or it is the wrong season for her size. Still, you can't beat $80. I love finding good deals. :)

Today I put on my wrap for the first time. Cheryle bought this for Joy when Ian was born and Joy passed it along to me. I love it! Josh helped me get Audrey in there nice and snug and I was able to do laundry and eat my breakfast without having to worry about what she was doing. I think she liked it too because she was able to look around at everything while I was working. She fell asleep within 10 minutes too, so I guess it is comfortable.

Here is a picture of Grandma and baby A.
And here is a picture of Audrey on her TWO week birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Love you all! xoxo

Elizabeth, Joshua, and Audrey

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  1. she is just perfect!!! i hope you will get good news at her next ultrasound. the clothes sound like a great deal!!! glad to hear you are released from the doc :) i had to wait a looong 8 weeks :( i still struggled at times after that. all you can do is just try to listen to your body while trying to learn how to be MOM...what an adventure!!! love & miss you, kristie xoxoxo