Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Little Sister

....Is off to Basic Training. I've known since February that this would be coming but I didn't think it would come so soon!! How did she go from this little baby girl to this big grown up?

This morning Lauren, Audrey, and I went to get Lauren's hair cut short. The Navy requires that her hair is shorter than her collar so Lauren wanted to get it done professionally rather than have it all chopped off once she arrives at boot camp. I'd estimate she got around 8 inches cut off.
Before: During:After:I think her hair looks really cute! She looks like a Navy woman! After we left the salon, we went to Wendy's for some lunch (wow, great last meal, glad Josh cooked a real meal for ya last night!!!), and then drove to her recruiter's office. We took some last minute photos and talked about the final details and that was it. We hugged and kissed and she walked into the office...

Funny thing...Audrey usually cries when Lauren holds her. But today, for the first time ever, she actually let Lauren rock her to sleep. Maybe that was Audrey's going away gift for Aunt Lauren.

Last lunch before Lauren leaves home... So CHEERS to you LAUREN!!!! We are all so proud of you for choosing to change your life. We know you will succeed and we are all anxiously waiting for you to return home a proud sailor.

Make yourself proud. You've already made all of us proud.


Beth, Joshua, Audrey, Pussycat, Frank, and Dora

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