Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazon Mom

I have to share this because I am so excited about it! This will probably only be interesting to Sarah, Lexi, and Joy. And I doubt Lexi and Joy even read my blog so, here ya go Sarah!

So follow me here. This morning I was wasting time on this "mom" blog that I occasionally read, and her particular blog post was about deals and savings. Of course that piqued my interest being the frugal woman that I am. She mentioned Amazon Mom ( as a place to save on diapers and wipes. I went to the website and read about it, and signed up. Let's talk about diapers first. A box of size 2 pampers swaddlers, 186 count (which is what Audrey is currently in) runs $41.99 at Babies R Us, and $41.99 at Target, though I think sometimes they go on sale at Target. At Amazon they are $41.49, BUT if you sign up for their "subscribe & save" program, you get 30% off, leaving the price at $29.04, with free shipping. The "subscribe & save" program is free. You pick your diapers and check that you want X number of boxes delivered to your house every month, every two months, or however frequently you need them. That's it. charges your card once a month when they ship out your diapers. Even better, you can do this for more than just baby wipes and diapers. Things like cereal, toiletries, even our cat food! I feel like I've just won the lottery. I have now spent the better part of my day on Amazon looking at all the things I can "subscribe" to and save money. Wow. And YAY! This is not just for moms either. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, any caregiver really. So cool!

I wonder if this has been around for a long time and I sound like a crazy person for having just discovered it. Unless I am missing some detail or catch, this is truly a great deal that I will be using from now on.

Just had to share. :) 


  1. I did hear about the diaper program! Now I have to go and check this out!

  2. I signed up for this, too! I got so many diapers as gifts that I still haven't needed to go buy any :) but I'm looking forward to using it later :D I love that it comes in the mail and it's less things I need to go pick up from the store - I really need to get on there and pick out other things to buy, though.