Sunday, January 23, 2011

The House

 As promised...



Living Room

Dining room

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom again


Second Bedroom
Josh spent the weekend painting. He is very meticulous, so he couldn't just paint the walls - he had to paint the ceilings, baseboards, window frames, and doors, too. He hasn't actually started painting the walls yet, but now that the other things are out of the way, I think he should have the bedrooms completely done by next weekend. In the kitchen, you can see on the right that we have the washer/dryer combo unit. It is really small so we are having a laundry room built where the upstairs linen closet is. I'm so excited! That means we can take our red LG washer and dryer that we bought a couple of years ago. We are also having new windows installed, which will save us money on heating and cooling the house.

It is coming along slowly, but surely. I really hope the bedrooms are done this weekend so we can start moving stuff down there. I want to be settled and not have this move lingering for the next few weeks...


  1. I like the new house! It looks almost exactly like your old house. I can't wait to come visit. :)

  2. Thanks! It is in the same neighborhood, so they all kind of look alike. Now that we have all of our stuff over there I am little more excited about it. It sure is smaller though!