Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's old is new again

We haven't yet found homes for all of our stuff since we moved into the new house. We used to have an attic at the old house, so all of the stuff we weren't using on a regular basis went up there. We had a ton of storage at that house. It was great. This house has NO storage compared to what we were used to. We were spoiled. We do have a storage shed out back which offers a decent amount of space, but for those of you with babies - you know how big that stuff is. We have 2 swings, a bouncy chair, the jumperoo, the pack and play, the cosleeper, plus about a dozen awkward but large toys that Audrey doesn't play with but I am saving for future babies. Its a lot of stuff. I am slightly ashamed to tell you that right now most of that junk is just sitting around in random places. It irritates me, but we have to move around stuff in the shed to get it all to fit and we haven't done that. 

So what that means for Audrey is that all her old toys are available again! And surprisingly, she finds them interesting again. She really likes playing with her baby gym - remember this?
This was taken at the old house before the move. Had our junk out then too.
One year ago.
And then there's the bumbo. She never really cared for it much when she was a little baby. I think she felt too restricted in it. But now! Oh now it can entertain her for a half an hour at a time! She looked so cute trying to fit herself into the chair and it was fun to watch her concentration while she did it. She couldn't figure out how to get in and out but eventually she got it. 

And here's another unrelated video. Just because she's cute.


  1. Hmm... good to know. Makes me think I ought to pull out Landon's old toys. He is more into playing with things he isn't supposed to right now... like lamp cords, remote controls, the DVD player...

    Love the video of her and the bumbo!

  2. I could watch the bumbo video over & over again! Her learning concentration is amazing, but what's more amazing is that after she figured it out she never had another problem, got it right everytime! It was hysterical to watch her trying to pry herself OUT of it. And that video of her sleeping under the gym? You can see her ribs!

  3. OH MY GOD! It worked! My comment published!

  4. we have Leo's toys and stuff all over the place, too. they need a line of toys that either folds more flat for storage or changes from infant toy to kid toy so ya just have one or something. he doesn't seem to care about his old stuff, though. he still uses his bumbo over at the grandparents' for meal times. we have one out here but he's not interested in putting himself in it yet. Audrey is so smart! I think they're makin' kids smarter now ;) Leo's already figured our phones and most of our remotes out. crazy what they learn. your mom did a great job on her costume!! when I saw the pics on FB I thought she may have made it.