Monday, October 10, 2011

Cox Farms

On Saturday Audrey and I met up with some friends and visited Cox Farms here in Centreville. Every fall they have a huge festival with slides, hay rides, pumpkin patches, animals, and so much more. I've always wanted to go because I love family stuff like this, but I figure it'd be kind of creepy if Josh and I just show up to a family festival by ourselves, so we never went. Thank goodness for Audrey, because this place was so fun!

We started out by going on the hayride which was nice and long, but Audrey didn't care for it, probably because she couldn't really see over the side of the truck. She did enjoy throwing the hay around and possibly tasting a piece here and there. We then headed over to one of the slides and waited patiently in the long line for our turn. I held her in my lap as we slid down, and she really enjoyed it! Maybe next year she'll be big enough to go down alone. We had some lunch while we were there and then ventured on over to the Kiddie Zone section, which is designated just for the littlest kids. It was perfect for Audrey. They had a little pond where the kids could throw rocks in and watch it splash, but Audrey only was interested in climbing the wall and attempting to get in the water, so we didn't stay there for long. We went up the hill where they had some corn pits - like sandboxes but filled with dried corn kernels! It was the jackpot! Audrey loved this. She had fun dumping and tossing and mixing and filtering the corn through her hands. She did really well, but I had to watch her very closely because every few minutes she would try to sneak a taste.


We also went on a long walk through the corn maze and walked around a bit more before Audrey was ready for a nap and we headed home. She was so worn out from all the excitement that she fell asleep in the car before I even pulled out of my parking space. It was such a fun day with some our our friends and Audrey and I both had a blast. I was disappointed that Josh had to work, but we agreed to go again on Friday, just the three of us! 


  1. all that corn looks like so much fun :) what a fun fall activity!

  2. What a great idea with the corn! I wish we had someplace around here that had stuff like that. I'll have to check around some more to make sure we aren't missing out!