Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tough Toddler

Even when Audrey was a very little infant, I knew she was tough. I could tell by her personality that she was going to be a tough cookie and a bit of an....explorer.

This has turned out to be true. When she was 6 months old, she had a 4 inch long bruise along the side of her face from when she tried to climb a bar stool in the living room and it fell over onto her. We should have been watching her. We baby proofed the house (or so we thought), and haven't had many issues since. Until this weekend. As I was getting out of the shower, I hear Josh in the living room scream, "Audrey No. Audrey! Audrey STOP!" and then I heard the crash. And then silence.

I came flying out of the bathroom to find blood everywhere and Josh screaming "her eye her eye!". I thought she had impaled herself, but quickly realized that she had only cut her eye. She climbed one of our end tables and although Josh was RIGHT THERE, he was not fast enough. The end table fell backwards, Audrey banged her head on the tile, and then the corner of the table hit her in the face. We live only minutes from the hospital so we rushed there. At first they suggested stitches, but in the time it took for everything to get discussed, the bleeding stopped and the swelling began to go down. The pediatrician took a closer look at it and decided that although it looks bad because of the swelling, it is not actually a deep cut and should heal just fine on its own. She prescribed an ointment that we've been putting on it every day, and it already looks a lot better. The cut itself isn't even that bad, but now she has an ugly huge black eye. It kind of looks like she's wearing makeup.

Later that day we had family over. Audrey was riding her car backwards and Cristina was pushing her when they hit a rock and Audrey flipped over the car and skidded face first across the pavement. That left her with a bruised and skinned cheek. So now she looks like she's wearing eye liner and blush.

THEN Later that night, Audrey was banging a toy and it bounced back into her face and she cut her forehead. Luckily that one wasn't very bad and only left a scratch.

The following day (Sunday) Audrey had three more accidents (all minor). She tripped over her horse and banged her head, slipped on a book and bit her tongue, and fell into a cabinet and bumped her head.

Yesterday (Monday) she closed the sliding glass door on her finger and got a blood blister under the skin. A few minutes later I found her ON TOP OF the dining room table.

I cannot take my eyes off her for a second. I can't decide if she's accident prone or fearless. Fearless sounds better.


  1. she's just a normal toddler! the eye thing would have totally freaked me out, though. Matt keeps wanting to get a coffee table and because I know Leo would climb on it I have refused. I think I'll show him what could happen if he brings it up again ;)

  2. Oh my gosh!!! She is definitely fearless -- maybe you should buy stock in some First Aid brands! I wish Landon was a *tiny* bit more fearless. He won't even go off of a step that is only 2 inches high without someone helping him. I doubt he'll be climbing on top of the table anytime soon! On the bright side, I guess that'll mean less accidents at our house at least for the time being.