Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Wedding

Happy One Week Anniversary to us!

Last Friday we traveled to beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada to get married. This wasn't really a surprise or a secret, but a lot of our friends did not know we were getting married this weekend. We had originally planned to have the wedding this coming summer, but as the wedding planning went along we both were feeling too stressed and were realizing how expensive weddings are and how it wasn't fitting what we wanted. When we were in Vegas a few years ago, we almost got married but decided not to because we wanted our mothers to be there. So as we went along in the planning over the past few months, we both kept coming back to the idea of going to Las Vegas. We decided to go ahead with it in January, so we had about a month and a half to plan.
Getting our marriage license
Pre-Wedding bar stop

The wedding ceremony was at the Little White Wedding Chapel at 11am on Saturday. We all got ready in our hotel rooms and then headed down to the casino for a quick drink (a shot of whiskey, of course) before the limo picked us up to escort us to the chapel. Our guests included my mom, Josh's mom, his aunt Gloria, his dad and stepmother, his uncle Israel and aunt Evelyn, and of course our sweet Audrey. My mom and Maria walked me down the aisle. Audrey was going to stand with us up front, but she decided to run around wild instead. Our minister was a black guy with dread locks...that was pretty cool! He was a very sweet man and we enjoyed chatting with him and his wife while we filled out paperwork before the ceremony. While we waited we even got to see a couple go through the drive through. We loved it! It was a very short ceremony - about 5 minutes long - and we were able to live stream it over the internet. We are so happy that our family and friends from all over the country were able to watch us get married! After the ceremony, the photographer took some pictures and while we waited for the disk, we all gathered around and took family photos. We got some good ones (aside from the super cheesy backdrop!). The limo picked us up and took us back to our hotel where we went out and had a celebratory lunch. After that we were all pretty exhausted so we took it easy for the rest of the afternoon.

The wedding planning was very easy and now that it is all done, I am so glad that we did it this way! I loved the fun and flirty dress I got to wear and the dangerously high heels. Josh looked so snazzy and handsome in his suit with a pinkish tie to match Audrey and me. The wedding was simple, unique, and definitely not traditional - it was perfectly US!
I will update again with more about our trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon! We are having more pictures taken this coming weekend so stay tuned for those. xo

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  1. how fun! congrats and blessings to yall!

  2. Yay!! I love it!! So incredibly happy for you guys!