Friday, March 16, 2012

Grand Canyon

I'm so behind on what I want to be blogging. We've had so much going on around here, but I still haven't even updated about the rest of our wedding week!

After spending the weekend in Las Vegas, we got up early Monday morning and rented a car to drive out to the Grand Canyon. We chose to visit the South Rim because from what I've read, that is the spot with some of the easiest trails to walk and still get awesome views. The drive out took only about 3 hours and was very scenic. I love the desert, and watching the sunrise over the mountains was beautiful.

We arrived at around 10:30 am and although we were tired, we went ahead and spent the day at the Grand Canyon. The day was beautiful but was so cold! It was windy and the high was around 40. Luckily, we came prepared and had Audrey in her warmest coat with lots of blankets around her little legs.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but really, they do not come close to capturing the vastness of the Grand Canyon. It is huge. Beautiful. Peaceful. I kept snapping pictures and then looking at them with disappointment because they didn't look like what it looked like in person. I guess that's the nature of something this Grand!

 One thing I thought was cool was that they don't have fences and bars to keep you from falling off the side of the mountain. In some places they did, but for the most part, you can walk right up to the edge of a cliff and get as close as you want. We didn't get too close, but standing out on some of those ledges was exhilarating!

 After a while, Audrey got fussy and we got hungry, so we went to the hotel and ate and napped. We headed back to the South Rim a little before dusk so we could see it at sunset. Unfortunately it had gotten soooo cold that we didn't take Audrey out of the car, we just drove the trails and then got out individually when we wanted a closer look. It was so beautiful at dusk, and in the distance we could see the storm rolling in.

 We caught a very close view of some deer and elk while we were driving around.

 We planned on spending most of Tuesday at the canyon as well because there is soooo much to see, but we woke up to a small snow storm! Although it was only a few inches, the entrance to the park hadn't yet been plowed by the time we had to check out of our hotel, so we just packed up and headed home. I really wanted to see the snow covered canyon, but had to settle for snow covered desert. It was gorgeous!
I am very happy with our short visit to the Grand Canyon, but I know there is so much more to see there, so we'll definitely have to make it back again one day. Next time we'll go when the weather is warm so we don't freeze our butts off!

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  1. Beautiful! Going to the Grand Canyon is on my "bucket list" -- wish we had made time while we were in Vegas... but next time for sure!!!