Friday, November 9, 2012

Baby Sprinkle

On Sunday, I was surprised with a baby sprinkle to celebrate our new little baby. It was such an unexpected gift and I was so happy to have everyone together to celebrate!

Lauren and I had planned to hang out that day and do some shopping. She said she had to go to Reston Town Center to exchange a gift that Cheryle got for her new apartment, so I didn't think anything of it when we headed out there. But then we walked into a really fancy restaurant and I looked at her and said, "oh you're treating me to lunch?" and she was like, "ummm yeah!". I started to think something weird was up when the hostesses started acting odd and then Lauren had to step over and whisper to the manager. We walked to the back room of the restaurant and there was everyone! Grandma Gloria, Joy and Ian, Cheryle, Lisa and the kids, and my friend Brett and her daughter Ellie. Apparently more friends were invited but couldn't make it.

I was so surprised because I really didn't expect anyone to do anything for the new baby. I guess because there isn't anything I really need this time around, so I didn't give it much thought. I had actually planned on just getting a little cake for our family Thanksgiving/November birthday celebration that we're having next weekend and recognize it that way. So this was very special to me that everyone came together and did this. Josh and Audrey ended up coming up and eating with us too, so I could share my happiness with them. :)

We ate delicious food and deserts and opened a few presents. There isn't really anything else I need to get now. I have a gift card to Babies R Us so I can get a stroller, but I might just wait until the baby is here and then decide which kind I want.

Unfortunately I forgot to take ANY pictures, so these are all from Cheryle. And I didn't get hardly any pictures with the guests or the hosts of the party! Dang. But thank you so SO much to Grandma Gloria and Cheryle for throwing me this super fancy baby sprinkle for our new baby. I can't wait for him to be here so we can shower him with lots of love!


  1. what a fun surprise :) so are you just claiming this baby as a he or did the last sonogram give it away?

  2. I am claiming it as a boy. For now. I have no idea honestly it could go either way, right? I do love speculating, though.