Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hello, November 1. Lets just pretend I'm not behind on blogging and that you are all up to date on everything! Just kidding, I'll update on as much as I can now before Audrey starts attacking the computer.

Last night was Audrey's third Halloween. Lauren suggested way back in August that we dress her as an Oompa Loompa and I said only if Josh and I can be Willy Wonka and Violet! Naturally, I procrastinated until one week before Halloween before I actually started thinking about how I'd make the costume. Josh's was easy - I just ordered it online. I wasn't sure what to do for my costume, and I am lame and ended up just wearing a blue shirt. Boooo. Josh did buy blue face paint and blue hair spray but I didn't feel like doing all that. He gave me a hard time about it, but whatever. So for the star of the show - here's her costume!

It was really easy to make. It would have been easier if my sewing machine wasn't broken, but that's another thing I've been putting off, so it still sits upstairs, not working, as it has for a year. Anyways, I bought some cream leggings (couldn't find white anywhere!) and painted stripes on the bottom of the legs with brown fabric paint. I was supposed to paint white stripes on the neck of the turtleneck but I never got around to it. Meh. I couldn't figure out what to do for the suspenders, so I ended up buying 2" elastic and using that. It worked perfectly! This is where it became a bit of a pain, though. I had to hand sew the elastic and the buttons onto the leggings. No biggie, except that once I had it all sewn on and I tried it on Audrey, it was like 4 inches too long! Not sure how that happened since I did measure her, but oh well. We had a party to go to on Sunday and I didn't have time to fix it, so I just had to safety pin the extra elastic. It looked good from the front, but in the back you could see the folded elastic. I fixed it in time for Halloween, but then I sewed the back too far apart (too close to her hips) and the straps kept slipping down her shoulders, so I had to safety pin them to her shirt. None of this really matters because she looked cute as hell anyways. We got SOOO many compliments on her costume.

We decided to go to the mall and trick or treat instead of the neighborhood since it was cold out and it would just be better overall for her age. I think it was a good choice! It was pretty packed and some stores had long lines (were they handing out free socks or something??) so we skipped those. Audrey was very good about waiting her turn when there was more than one kid in line, but she did get impatient when kids cut in front of her. At one store, there were like 5 girls that cut in front right when Audrey got to the front of the line so Audrey stood there holding out her bucket saying, "Audrey? Audrey? Audrey??". I felt so bad for her! But she got her treat and we moved on.

She's never really had candy before so this was mostly a new experience. Of course she loved it. Once she realized that she was getting something cool in her bucket, she just wanted to sit down in the middle of the mall and dig through it, so that was the end of trick or treating for us. We didn't let her have much last night because we wanted her to go to sleep without a fight, but I'll let her indulge a little bit today. See, I'm not ALWAYS a mean mama who deprives her child of goodies!
Ohh...we also did some trick or treating earlier in the day at Fairfax Corner. They had face painting (we didn't have the patience for that), pumpkin decoration, a train ride (big hit!), and the shops were giving out candy. We met up with a few friends and other toddlers and Audrey had a great time running wild, as usual. It was a fun and happy Halloween for us! Can't wait until next year!

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  1. LOVE the Oompa Loompa idea :) Audrey looked adorable!