Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two months old

Joshua's two month checkup was this week and other than the shots, it went great! He weighs 13 lbs 12 oz and is 24.25 inches. His weight is 85 percentile, height is 95th and head is 97th. He's big, just like big sister was. I love that! He is sleeping through the night technically, although at this age that means one 5 hour stretch. He gives me 6-7 per night so it's really great. He goes down around 8, wakes around 2 to eat, and then wakes again at 5 and is up for the day at 7. I'm also happy to say that we have all settled into a pretty good routine where he naps in the morning, and then takes a long afternoon nap (2-3 hours) at the same time as Audrey. This is great because it gives me time to exercise and work. And write blogs occasionally. :)
For the most part, he is an easy going baby. He will happily sit in his swing while I make breakfast or clean, but when he's done, he's done and he lets us know! He fusses a lot more for josh, but that's expected since he's with me so much and is used to how I do things.
As of today, Audrey has been diaper free (during the day) for 10 days!! She still wears diapers overnight, but I think we are potty trained. She did have an accident during her nap on Saturday and today in the car, but for the most part she just goes when she has to and I don't have to remind her anymore. She also had accidents yesterday and Monday for #2 even though she had been doing great for the few days before. Suddenly she just doesn't want to go on the potty and instead goes in her undies, not on accident really, but just because when I put her on the toilet she fights me and runs away. We are working on it. But still - she is doing so great and we are so proud of her!

The kids are loving each other still. Audrey doesn't show any jealousy towards Joshua, just love. He is the first thing she talks about when she wakes up and she loves to give him "big hugs" and lots of kisses. "I love you baby JJ!" Is a sentence I hear all the time and it is so sweet. He always smiles and lights up when he sees her and he enjoys watching her play. I can't wait for when they can play together as they get older.
Big hugs! 
Audrey is becoming even more fun to watch when she plays. Her imagination is growing and she is into pretend play now. She likes tea parties, and is already involving baby brother by bringing him cups and holding them to his mouth so he can drink with her. Of course, she is still really into baby dolls and likes imitating whatever I do. That includes nursing her babies. Haha! She also got her first set of Legos and they are a hit! I also stepped on my first Lego...not too fun.
Lego Tower!
Nursing her baby
Having a Tea Party with Brother
My life has returned to normal...or I guess I have adjusted to the new normal. I am working during nap times and after the kids go to sleep, just studying my stuff and developing marketing materials. The market is very hot for sellers right now so I think it is a perfect time for me to really kick this career into gear. I was out with some clients this past weekend and it was so great to be out of the house and working again. I also have started working out...after not doing any core exercises for 3 years, my midsection is a soggy mess! Gotta get it back! I have an app for my iPad that I love so I can fit in an hour of exercise during nap time. Wow, I've talked about naps a lot here...can you see how much I enjoy that time?
Sleeping baby and a workout video. 
Josh celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday. It feels so recent that we celebrated his 30th, yet here we are with two kids and its like we are grown ups. What?? The day was nice, we mostly just lounged around the house and relaxed. Audrey helped me make a cake that turned out terribly, as most of my cakes do. Josh was asleep by 8:30. Yes, 35 year old Josh. I can't wait to celebrate 35 more birthdays with him!

Birthday boy and his babies

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