Saturday, March 23, 2013

The End of Winter...hopefully

Oh, winter, when will you leave? We are OVER IT! It is late March, already Spring technically, and yet we are indoors everyday. We've exhausted all resources. The Mall. The indoor free plays. Chuck-e-Cheese. The Gym. I want to go out and PLAY! Nothing really big to here are some pics.
Audrey just adores this boy. And he adores her, too. He will lay on the floor and watch her play without making a peep. I told her that when he smiles, its his way of saying, "I Love You", so now when he smiles she yells "JJ LOVESS YOU!". So sweet.

Although I complain about being stuck indoors, we have actually been able to get out some. When it gets into the 50's, we put on our coats and head outside to play. Cheeks is not a big fan, since the cold air seems to make it hard to get good breaths for him. But for Audrey, even 20 minutes outside is enough to make her day. She asks every day to go to the playground, so we try to do it a few times a week.

We've pulled out the giant baby toys - the high chair and the jumper - for Cheeks. The high chair is great because he likes being high off the ground and can watch us cook and sit at the table while we eat. I think he felt left out being on the ground in his swing before. The jumper...well..he's still getting used to it. Maybe if I put batteries in it so it played music and lit up, he'd like it more. Right now we're only getting about 10 minutes in it before he starts yelling at me.

Audrey starts soccer on Sunday, and her 2.5 year checkup is Monday, so I'll be back with stats and updates about our big little girl and all the fun things she's doing.
I better get going...Audrey is watching YouTube videos in Japanese and JJ is waiting for me to come get him out of bed!

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