Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two and a Half

Audrey had her 2.5 year check up last week and it went over fabulously! She weighed in at 30lbs and stands 37" tall. That puts her in the 70th and 80th percentiles, respectively. She has Josh's big head and is in the 87th percentile there. I did a height predictor the other day for fun that bases her adult height off of her height at 2 years old. It predicted she'd be 5'9", or within 1.5 inches of that. I'm 5'2". I'd love it if she were tall just like her daddy!

She started soccer on last Sunday and it was FUN! So funny to watch a bunch of 2.5 year olds running around while the adults chase them and insist they pay attention and follow directions. Audrey did very well, but during the "red light, green light" game, she fussed a bit. Maybe she didn't like everyone running across the room like that? She enjoyed kicking the ball and her favorite parts were when they pulled out the bubbles and the parachute. The parachute pretty much made every kid in the place completely lose their minds with happiness. They were going crazy over it. I wish I got that excited about something so simple! Check out my YouTube videos to see all the fun (

Since I've written a recent update about her that includes a lot of what she's been up to, I am instead including some "Audrey-isms" in this post. These are only a few, but here are some funny things she's said lately:

"Heard that? Mama heard that?"
"Yes, I did."
"I farted."
"Yes, you did."

"Mama, IPad real cute. I like iPad Yeah."

"Audrey go airplane see Gigi. Audrey go train see Mima." I know the grandma's will like that one.

Me: "Do you want something to eat? Grilled Cheese or Peanut Butter?"
Audrey: "How about.....Chex. I want chex." (thanks mom. all she ever wants is chex).

Around 11:30 every morning:
"MAILLLLL!!! MAIL HERE!!! MIMA MAIL HERE!" She expects mail or packages all the time because Grandma Maria sends her stuff so often! She loves it.

"Sunday! Monday! Tuesday! TUESDAY CHUCK E CHEESE!" Josh takes them to Chuck e Cheese on Tuesdays while I'm at work. She looks forward to it all week.
We're still here waiting anxiously for Spring to arrive and bring with it lots of outdoor activities. I'll update more once that happens! I have been working a bit more lately, and I also joined a local mom's group that meets every other week officially, with lots of playdates and other fun meetups in between. We're hoping to keep busy and make lots of new friends!

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