Monday, May 6, 2013

4 months

Cheeksie had his four month check up a couple weeks ago and everything went over perfectly smoothly! He weighed 17lb 8oz and was 26" tall. That's just shy of 4 lbs and 2 inches growth in 2 months! He's growing even faster than Audrey did! He's now in 9-12 month clothes and I expect him to slow down a bit from here out.
He is starting to become slightly mobile. He is rolling back to tummy and tummy to back. The way he tucks his legs into his body when he rolls makes him look like a rolly polly. He has started moving in circles when I put him down for tummy time, and he does mini pushups, so he might be crawling soon (ish). I'm ready for him to be mobile, but also a little sad that he is growing up. Time is going by so much faster than when Audrey was this age.
His personality is becoming more evident. He is a HAPPY guy. I used to think Audrey was a happy baby simply because she was content. But now I know this is what a happy baby is. He smiles and laughs when we talk to him (he thinks Audrey is just hilarious!), he loves to be tickled, he enjoys peek a boo and other little games. He is just happy! He is still mellow as can be, content to spend hours upon hours napping in bed...this is quite different from our little lady who never slept!
I have uploaded some more videos onto YouTube of the kids, so go check them out to see how cute they are in real life! Pictures don't do them justice.
And finally, I got a new computer! It's been about a month since my HP died and I've been stalling on buying a new one because I wanted a deal, but I wanted something good...and I was also considering switching over to Apple and getting the MacBook Air (LOVE). Ultimately I decided not to go with Apple because of both the price and the learning curve of a new product and new operating system, etc. I found a great deal on a top of the line Dell with MS Office 2010 and I went yesterday and snatched it up. Then I got home and realized it was working on Windows 8. Ugh. So now I DO have to learn a totally new operating system because this is nothing like what I am used to...and everyone in the office talks about how much they hate it. I'm going to try my hardest to ignore all the negative comments and try to learn it and form my own opinion. Hopefully I will like it! I still need to get my hands on MS Publisher and Adobe Professional for work, but that's an expense that will have to wait for now. BUT the point is - I will be updating with some fun things we've been doing lately now that I'm not pecking it out on the iPad and have an actual keyboard to work with.
Thanks for reading and catching up with us! If you want to read about Audrey at four months, click here.

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