Saturday, May 11, 2013

Touch a Truck

On Friday, we attended an event put on by the Town of Herndon's Public Works Department called, "Big Truck Days". They had all the city's trucks (diggers, loaders, bulldozers, police cars, etc) on display for the kids to climb in and touch the buttons and knobs and wheels. What an idea! It was packed! I'm so glad Josh ended up taking the day off work and going with us, because there's no way we could have enjoyed ourselves if it was just me.
The hardest part was waiting in line to get up to the trucks. When you're 2 and a half, "wait your turn" is hard stuff. Every time a kid would climb down off a truck, Audrey would say, "Its MY turn now!" and we had to remind her that there were still more kids in front of her. It was frustrating for her, but she did so well and was able to entertain herself while we waited.
Joshua spent most of the time sleeping happily in the Ergo carrier. I was happy to not have to push a stroller. :)
There is another similar event next weekend at the Chantilly Library put on by the Fairfax County. I'm not sure if we'll go. I know Audrey would enjoy it, but I doubt I can do it with both kids (I couldn't pick her up with JJ in the carrier, and I couldn't leave him in the stroller while I chased her around...?). We'll see. Now that we're in May, there are so many fun things starting to happen around Northern Virginia so I'm sure we'll find something to keep us busy!

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  1. that's so cool! I wish we had stuff like that here. love that Audrey can fit in the rim of that tire - so cute :)