Monday, July 22, 2013

Conversations with Audrey

Conversations with a two year old are often confusing (did she just say her poop has to go home and take a nap...?), but they are also pretty entertaining, and sometimes so sweet. Here are a few conversations Audrey and I have had lately:

Upon finding a fly in her playroom:
"Watch out mom! The fly might punch us!"
I told Josh he's getting old last night, Audrey chimes in:
"No no Dada you NOT old!"

Time to brush teeth:
"No!! I LIKE my stinky breath!"

When my car broke down:
"How bout I fix it for you mama? How bout JJ fix it?"

Reading a book about bugs:
"That a skeeto ((Mosquito)). I want to ride on him."
Listening to JJ fuss while I cook:
"Alright JJ we hear you, RELAX, its OK!"
Watching from the living room window as the ice cream truck drives by:
"Ice cream man come back! I have to tell you something!"
And of course, the one we hear most often:
"I'M NOT TIRED!!!!!"

She says the funniest things now that she is talking so much. Always keeps a smile on our faces. :)

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