Thursday, October 17, 2013

Third Birthday

Look at me. Behind again on the blog! Audrey's birthday was last month and it sure was a lot of fun, so here are some of the details!
Her mima (grandma Maria) came in to help us celebrate, so of course the highlight there for Audrey was that she got to go to the TRAIN station. Her favorite. We celebrated Sunday afternoon with lots of friends and family, food, drinks, cake, and fun. Audrey said she wanted a pink and purple birthday party, so that's what we went with. Of course, I failed to get any pictures of the cake or decorations or anything else so you'll just have to trust me. We repainted the lemonade stand from Audrey's first birthday party and turned it into a tattoo stand so the kids has something fun to do during the party.
This was Josh's third year building something for Audrey. The first year was the lemonade stand, last year was the kitchen, and this year was a little outdoor bench. It was pretty easy (I think?) and it turned out really cute. We have been enjoying sitting outside and reading books and eating snacks on it.
Audrey's actual birthday was the day after the party, so she went to school as usual. We took cupcakes to her class for a small celebration. She was sooooo proud and excited to have us there. The first thing she said was "That's my Dada!". Then she told everyone who we were (JJ was her "baby").
After school we grabbed lunch and headed over to the playground since it was such a perfect day outside. Audrey loved running and swinging with mima and her daddy!
Later on that day we went out for ice cream to finish off the celebrations. Audrey had her first banana split! She was thrilled and devoured it and also helped us with our milkshakes. JJ even got to sneak a taste here and there, so it was fun for everyone.
  Look how far we have come in three years. She looks the same, but so different. I always wondered what she would be like at three years old. She's a challenge, for sure, but so loving, kind, gentle, and sweet that I often forget the frustrating moments. She says JJ, daddy, and I are her best friends. How lucky we are!
  Her birthday present from us was a scooter. Two of her friends got scooters for their birthdays recently, so she's been talking about wanting one for a while. She was so happy and has been having a blast with it!!

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  1. Zach says the same thing about the three of us and the dog. All of us are best friends! xoxo