Monday, January 27, 2014

Wrapping up a very blessed 2013

We have already had a very busy start to 2014, but let me back up a bit. The end of last year was packed full with Joshua's first birthday and Christmas, and all that goes in to that. My mom came for Christmas and Josh's mom came for JJ's birthday, so our house was packed full for the month of December!
Gigi and her babies

Christmas came right on the heels of Joshua's birthday, but luckily we had gotten much of our shopping done already. This was Audrey's first year of really understanding Santa and that he brings presents and everything. She was so excited which also made it really special for us. It was fun to stay up wrapping presents and to see how excited she was when she got her Hello Kitty Helicopter that she's been asking for since September. She was nearly in tears when she opened it! They were given so so many gifts by our family and friends and for that we are very grateful. Thank you all!

Audrey's first Christmas preschool show was also in December. It was a short little performance of three and four year olds singing Christmas songs. Audrey was dressed as a shepherd and when she first came in I didn't recognize her. It took me a while to find her in the group and when we did find each other, she started jumping and screaming from the stage, "That's my mommy! LOOK LOOK!! MY mommy is here!" She also was telling the kids next to her that her Gigi was there and she screamed, "Where's JJ?!" since he wasn't with us. It was honestly the best feeling to see her so proud up there and singing her little heart out (I could hear her singing before I could see her!). She sure loves to sing.

We are still trying to settle back in to our routine, but it feels like we just can't get there. Josh's schedule just changed at work so we're adjusting to that, plus with all the snow days we have had it feels like we haven't had a normal week since the beginning of December. Audrey is also doing gymnastics once a week which she LOVES. It makes me so happy to see her in the gym really opening up and being confident self. It normally takes her so long to feel comfortable with new people and new environments but she took to this activity immediately. She' starting to open up more at school too. Her teacher tells me she's talking more and playing with the other kids more, whereas the first part of the school year she would just kind of do her own thing. Maybe my shy girl is finally coming out of her shell.

I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and everything looks perfect! No, we didn't find out the sex. Heartbeat was around 145, the baby is really active, and has all of his/her limbs, as far as we could tell. He is measuring 1-2 weeks ahead both on the ultrasound and when the doctor measured my belly, but they aren't changing the due date just yet. She also said the baby is sitting up really high in my uterus, which I already knew. I popped really early with this one so it should be interesting to see how much bigger my belly gets than with my other pregnancies.


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