Saturday, December 28, 2013

Baby Falcon #3

That's right! As everyone now knows (thanks for the awesome picture below!), we are expecting another little one next June!

We found out really early again, around 4 weeks. I had a feeling I might be pregnant (nothing specific, just a hunch), but since I was breastfeeing full time, I figured there really wasn't much chance. So when the test was positive, I couldn't help but laugh!

We told Audrey right away. She immediately understood, which is fun because she was still too young to grasp when I was pregnant with JJ. She said right away that she wants a sister. What if it's a boy, I asked. "But I already have a brother". Haha. I told her she might get another brother and she said, "to steal my Legos?". Apparently she feels that brothers are thieves! She tried to be very gentle around me and tells me she doesn't want to hurt our baby. Such a sweet sister. She is so much more involved with her baby cousin Liam than she was when Joshua was an infant, so I'm very excited to see her when we bring our new baby home.
I'm feeling great so far, just tired! I think that's part of having two kids, though. Plus I've been tired during all of my pregnancies so this is nothing new! I'll be glad when the weather warms up and we can get outside more, because staying in the house makes me feel even more sleepy. Other than exhaustion, I have pretty much no pregnancy symptoms. I forget I'm pregnant all the time! I had some food aversions early on and basic lack of appetite but no real nausea or throwing up. I have had two appointments so far, but they didn't give me the sonogram picture unfortunately. I'm sure you can imagine what it looks like though! I have my 20 week ultrasound next month, so we will get a good look at him/her then. I've got a bump already but I kind of never really lost it after Joshua was born, so it's hard to say where the baby is in there. Here is a picture of me at 13 weeks.
Like always, We aren't finding out the sex. Either way, we already have lots of clothes and gear to get us through! All I need to buy is another full set cloth diapers since Joshua still has 2 more years in his. JJ will be 18 months when the new baby comes home, so he will still be in his crib. The baby will sleep in the cosleeper/our bed for at least 6 months and then we will reassess the bed situation. If JJ is ready for a twin at that point (he'll be 2) we will go ahead and do that and use the crib for the baby. If not, we will just buy another crib. 
So that about sums up everything there is to know at this point. We can't wait for another little Falcon to rouse up some chaos with the siblings!!

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