Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bedtime Negotiations

We've been struggling with bedtime. We're back to the bedtime negotiations, which include, but are not limited to:
I need water
I don't like that book I want a different book
I have to pee
I have to poop
I want another book
I need my earrings out
I want different jammies
I need more water
I need bedtime kisses
I need three kisses not two because I'm three not two
I don't want the covers
I want the covers
Only a little covers
I'm hungry
My hair hurts
Look at my finger
I need a bandaid
I have to pee again
I don't want any covers (again)
I need to cuddle
But don't touch me
Don't touch my stuff either
Don't look at me
I want the covers (again)
I need my friends (stuffed animals)
I need more friends
I need more water

Each time we leave the room, she reminds that we forgot to give her goodnight kisses for that goodnight session. We can only give her the specific number of kisses that she assigns for that incident. Too many or too few is NOT OK.

This goes on for about 25 minutes AFTER LIGHTS OUT, on a normal night. Tonight was only 10 minutes, consisting of her yelling downstairs, "What's Liam doing?", "Who is your mom" "Who is my mom" "What month are we in" and of course, "I'm not tired" and "I want the covers". I finally just told her to reach down and grab them and pull them up and go to sleep, to which she responded, "Alright Mom!" and that was it.

Good Night.

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