Saturday, December 7, 2013


Moving toward the end of the year, already. How so fast? Baby JJ will be one in a few days, but he still feels like a baby to me. He is so cuddly and loves to be held, plus he isn't walking so its easy for me to hold on to this last bit of babyhood with him. I know soon he will be a Toddler and this phase will be over, so I am enjoying these moments.
We went and picked put our Christmas tree this weekend. Of course Audrey picked the biggest one! We had to get something a little shorter but it is plenty fat. Once it drops and settles, it will be huge. She and I went to pick up some more lights, and while we were at the store I asked her how she wanted to decorate the tree. So you wonder, what happens when you ask a three year old girl how she would like to decorate? Well, you get purple, pink, and lots of glitter of course. It's actually really cute and I am so happy she can help us with things like this now. We went shopping together this weekend, just the two of us. She is such a big girl now and instead of sitting in the cart, she wants to walk. She has finally grown out of her "running" stage so I can trust her to stay with me while we walk. She even picked up her own basket and put her ornaments in there, and yesterday she picked out a toy for JJ for his birthday. She says it is very special and he will really like it. I know he will. :)

She's saying funny things every day. Today in the car she asked (Frantically), "Do I look so pretty? I forgot to look in the mirror at home!". I was shocked! I never talk about my appearance and I've never caught her checking herself out in the mirror before, so I'm not really sure where this came from. Later she came up to me and said, "Look at this booger!" while holding out her hand. Um, no thanks. She is so funny. She's asserting herself and demanding independence more and more every day. She doesn't want me to pick out her clothes. This is fine with me, I don't mind if she doesn't match (well, it DOES bother me, but I let her do it anyways), but the one problem is that she only wants to wear dresses. She only has a couple of long sleeve dresses, so we either have to layer shirts underneath or sweaters on top. I'm sure her teachers are wondering why I send her to school looking like she's headed to Sunday School, but I can't help it. If she wants to dress up, so be it.
Thanksgiving was nice this year. We spent some of the day at Cheryle's with Rachel, Gabe, Lauren, and Liam. Then we headed over to Josh's cousin Jill's house where we had dinner and spent the rest of the evening. The kids had fun but man were they worn out by the end! The next day we went to my dad's house for more gathering and eating. I love the holidays. Although it can be exhausting, I enjoy spending time with all of the family, and of course all the food. :)
We are all looking forward to celebrating Joshua's first birthday next week and of course, more celebrations for Christmas and New Years. More updates to come!

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