Friday, December 19, 2014

Nathaniel at SIX Months!

I feel pretty sure that this has been the fastest and yet also the longest six months of my life. I can't believe Nathaniel is halfway to a year old! And yet, I also can't believe we have made it this far. There were days I didn't think we would. There were some seriously hard days and we still have those days more often that I'd like to admit. But I think we are past the hardest of it and I'm sure it will get easier as he becomes mobile. Its just so hard having to hold him every waking moment!

SO here are his stats! He's 19 lbs 4 oz and 29 inches. He's pretty big! I can't remember the percentiles these stats put him in (the big kids were being terrors at this dr. appointment) but I think it was the 90th? Just like the other two, he's on the chunky side. :)

He had 4 bottom teeth as of his half birthday. FOUR! And now, just 2 weeks later, he's got 2 more and another 2 popping through on top. I know the teething is a large part of his fussiness. Most babies don't have 8 teeth until they turn one, Audrey and JJ didn't have any teeth at 6 months. So my hope is that once he has all 8 fully in, he'll be more comfortable and won't need to be held so much.

He loves watching Audrey and JJ. His play area is in the living room (obviously) and so he's right in the middle of the action with the other two running around. He really wants to play with their toys and he's starting to pull his knees up under him to attempt to crawl. Right now he's rolling and army crawling his way around and can get to things within a couple of feet - If he doesn't get frustrated and start crying first! He took his first bath in the big tub last night. I was very brave (out of necessity) - I put him in the tub with Audrey and JJ! All three in the tub with him still being new to sitting up was pretty scary on my part, but I didn't have another option. Josh was working late and they needed a bath. So I either put nathaniel in his jumper and let him cry while I bathed them and then give him a bath later after they went to bed, or do it all together. Well, I've been doing that for the past 6 months and I'm over it! On to the big tub! I definitely had to watch them all closely and I don't think Audrey and JJ liked that they couldn't splash around, but they'll get used to it and he'll be bigger before we know it.

He's started eating pureed food. So far he's had green beans and squash. At first he didn't like it, but I think it was just the new texture thing. Last night he happily ate half a jar of green beans and wanted more! He's also gnawing on bananas and apples when I put them in this little mesh feeder thing. He loooooves apples and tries to steal them from us when we eat them! I'm just afraid he'll bite off a chunk and choke so I am not ready for him to have them yet.

He's like Audrey in the sleep department - he doesn't sleep! Well, he does just not long periods of time like JJ did at this age. Overnight he sleeps about 12 hours but still wakes up every 2 hours. Or more. He sleeps in the crib for naps and the first stretch of sleep, but I bring him to my bed around midnight so I don't have to keep getting up. I don't mind that - I've always liked sleeping with the babies. :)

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